Exclusively for merchants: Enable your customers to make bank app payments

Merchants can integrate ‘Pay by Bank app’ now and boost their sales

Wirecard is one of the first payment service provider to enable merchants selling in the UK to integrate ‘Pay by Bank app’ into their online shops. Take the opportunity to offer your customers a new, secure and convenient mobile payment service.

The following prices apply for ‘Pay by Bank app’: 0.75% discount rate £0.20 transaction fee

To learn more about the integration of ‘Pay by Bank app’, simply complete the contact form below and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

If you prefer to register for the new payment method directly via the Wirecard Checkout Portal, please click here.

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Merchant benefits of ‘Pay by Bank app’

  • Increased conversion rate through simple, quick payment processes
  • Secure payment processing in real time
  • Lower transaction costs compared to card payments
  • Minimal fraud risk thanks to ‘Request to Pay’ technology
  • Quick and convenient processing of refunds and disputes
  • Integration on websites and in mobile apps

‘Pay by Bank app’ fact sheet

Mobile bank apps are on the rise – they offer customers an easy and secure way to pay

consumers in the UK used mobile bank apps regularly in 2016

(Source: BBA/EY, ‘An app-etite for banking’, 2017)

of all online purchases in the UK are made on mobile devices

(Source: IMRG Q2, 2017)

of consumers trust their bank the most when making a payment

(Source: Zapp Consumer Insight 2015 & 2016)

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