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Fraud prevention

Identification and rejection of suspicious transactions

Credit worthiness checks

Customer dependent payment options

Individual solutions

Setting verification and decision guidelines

Features & benefits

  • Automatic fraud prevention

    As part of the electronic payment process, the system automatically detects fraud patterns and rejects suspected fraudulent transactions.

  • Industry-specific standard guidelines

    Wirecard provides complete guidelines with plausibility verification and decision-making tools tailored to the requirements of the specific industry.

  • Retailer-specific assessment and decision basis

    Based on an individual risk profile, online providers can implement their own risk management strategy, which is flexible enough to be adapted to meet new requirements at any time.

  • Payment method recommendations in real time

    The fast, reliable assessment of new and existing customers allows Wirecard to make quick payment method recommendations, which minimises default risk.

  • Cooperation with credit agencies

    Wirecard operates interfaces with the major financial information services, which means it can offer retailers easy access to credit information from a number of credit agencies at the same time.

  • Instalment purchase option with payment guarantee

    In collaboration with RatePay, Wirecard offers the option of purchasing by instalment with a payment guarantee. RatePay can be quickly and easily integrated in the payment process.

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