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Knowledge can be conveyed in different ways, verbally as well as visually. Wirecard has set itself the task of meeting every requirement. Our infographics deliver visual information on different key topics in concise and compact form. Additionally, fact-based quick guides ensure comprehensive knowledge. See for yourself. 

Quick Guides

E-Book: The Payment Megatrends

Six major trends that will have a major impact on the payment industry

Status 04-06-18

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Advanced Payments Report 2017

The 11th report, sponsored by Wirecard, highlights key advanced payment trends

Status 26-06-17


ECC-Payment-Study Vol. 21 (German)

Internet payment traffic from the point of view of retailers and consumers, a study by ECC Cologne (in German).

Status 18-03-17

The study

Benefits of a good payment mix

Online shoppers are discerning. So, what fulfills their payment requests?

Status 25-10-15


Payment im E-Commerce Vol. 19

Internet Payments from the Perspective of Retailers and Consumers

Status 21-09-15

The study

Global Mobile Money Report 2017

Insight Report: What`s driving Mobile Payments and Banking around the world

Status 30-01-17

The Study


Digitalization in Retail

European retail goes digital: What does this mean for consumer’s shopping behaviour and technologies?

Status 07-02-19


Consumer Insights: Retail Integration

We asked US shoppers how much convenience influences their payment decisions and how they create their own “mobile-physical integrations” when shopping.

Status 05-11-18


Market Insights Indonesia

Find out more about preferred payment methods, sales figures and the most popular purchase categories in the Indonesian market.

Status 30-10-18


Digital Travel Trends in Focus

Find out about the most important digital trends in the travel industry.

Status 18-09-18


Changing Times: Shopping Habits

We asked US consumers about where they shop, what they buy and how they buy it. The surprising results may show how we’ll shop in the future.

Status 16-07-18


Digital retail: The Omnichannel strategy of the Future

Customers are demanding a connected shopping experience that is fast, simple and available everywhere. Find out some facts and figures on digital retail.

Status 28-06-18


China in Figures

Did you know that Europe is the most popular travel destination for Chinese tourists outside Asia? This infographic tells you more.

Status 26-06-18


Convert Customers Into Repeat Customers

How omnichannel strategies and smart retail technology help transforming holiday shoppers into regulars.

Status 01-12-17


Market Insights: Brazil

Learn more about payment habits and trends in the largest country of South America.

Status 18-08-17


Smart Data Takes Retail to the Next Level

How to Effectively Use Big Data Streams from Customer Touchpoints

Status 19-05-17


Market Insights: USA

Find out how e-commerce volume market and mobile payment will grow in the US through the years.

Status 12-01-17


Mobile in retail study 2016

This infographic shows the 17 key messages

Status 15-11-16


The Future of Travel

How Digitalization affects the way we Travel - from Booking to Customer Services at Airlines and Airports.

Status 25-10-16


POS of the Future

This infographic shows why shoppers and retailers are ready for digital innovation

Status 30-08-16


Market Insights: India

What is the most popular payment method in India? This infographic tells you more.

Status 26-07-16


Connected Living

How the Internet of Things will change the way we pay

Status 02-06-16


Market Insights: Germany

What are the characteristic attributes of the German Payment Market? Find out here.

Status 24-05-16


The History of Payments

Originally, payment consists of swaped products. Today, people can easily pay via wearable and the future holds even more.

Status 08-04-16


Advanced Payments Report 2016

This graphic from EDC and Wirecard highlights some key facts from the 10th report

Status 04-04-16


FinTech Market

What's the current development in the booming financial technology sector?

Status 08-01-16


3 Trends in Risk Management

Status 12-11-15


Usage scenarios for payment wearables

Combine payment functions with usage scenarios

Status 08-10-15


Potential for mobile payment

The mobile money landscape is changing rapidly

Status 10-09-15


Card Purchase Transactions Worldwide

2013 vs. 2023

Status 22-09-15


Omnichannel Trends 2015

Mobile is the new retail hub

Status 05-08-15


Cash vs. Mobile Payment

Outlook on Development in Germany

Status 21-09-15


Mobile Payment in Germany

The Use of Mobile Payment Solutions in 2015

Status 30-09-15


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