Improved conversion

From the individual payment mix to increased customer satisfaction and higher conversions.

Conversion rates are an important factor that determine company growth and also influence sales opportunities. Intelligent, scalable payment solutions integrated seamlessly into the relevant payment and order process, along with perfectly tailored customer retention programmes, improve customer trust and also increase conversion rates at this point. This enables existing sales potential to be maximised and new markets to be opened up. Nationally and internationally. Fast, simple, flexible.

Wirecard offers a wide range of products and services for this. Tailored to your business model and individual target markets. We have compiled a selection of these for you here. With solutions such as credit card payments, SEPA direct debit and PayPal, you can offer your customers their preferred payment types or provide them with a seamlessly integrated and consistent purchase experience thanks to our omnichannel solutions. All Wirecard solutions can be integrated into a simple and cost-efficient manner into existing IT structures and business processes.

Global scope with local presence

Give your customers throughout the world the payment methods they trust and like to use – and increase your conversion rates. The multichannel payment gateway from Wirecard is connected to 200 international payment networks, thus enabling convenient access to a wide range of local and global payment processes. They can be implemented in a flexible, modular way and are a perfect means of maximising your market potential both nationally and internationally.

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Optimal performance and scalability

The all-round perfect solution grows with new challenges and adapts flexibly to the environment, just like the payment and risk solutions from Wirecard. As our payment solutions have a modular structure, you can choose from many available payment processes and approaches and combine them according to your specific needs. This means that your payment solution is adapted to your needs at all times – and thus also exactly to the needs of your customers. We also offer standardised settlement and reconciliation processes.

Customer retention made easy

With customer retention systems or card programmes, companies can quickly and easily stand out from their competitors, strengthen their communication with their customers, acquire new groups of buyers and increase the retention of existing customers. Wirecard’s Card-Linked Offers platform enables customer retention programmes to be set up and launched within a few minutes. Wirecard also offers a range of reward and incentive cards. Whether it’s card programmes with disposable cards, reusable cards or virtual cards, we have the perfect solution for your business.

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