Value-added services

Offering added value and strengthening customer loyalty

In view of increasing digitisation, consumers’ shopping behaviour has permanently changed, which presents retail with new challenges. In addition to convenient and secure payment, customers increasingly want a personalised approach, notifications about relevant special offers and vouchers or discounts as a small reward for making regular purchases.

In order to meet these demands, Wirecard has developed innovative, intelligent and seamlessly integrated value-added services that can be quickly and easily implemented in existing systems and payment transactions. These services enable, for example, the access, selection and analysis of data sources around the POS, or the simple integration of even complex customer loyalty programs via an intuitive self-service platform. With the aid of such loyalty programs, merchants can set themselves apart from the competition, enhance their communication with customers and gain new consumer groups.

Our solution

Card-Linked Offers

Seamless, integrated and mobile

Features & Benefits

  • Shopping basket-based customer loyalty campaigns

    Merchants are able to choose the right type of offering based on the provided data and analyses and easily implement it. Thus, they can accompany their customers along the entire customer journey with relevant offerings that suit actual buying behaviour. 

  • Processing and feedback in real time

    Via the payment ecosystem from Wirecard, merchants have real-time access to their customers’ transaction data and loyalty data. Besides insights into customers’ demographic data and consumer behaviour, additional analyses across all serviced distribution channels and offered payment instruments are available to merchants.

  • Fully integrated solutions

    Value-added services can be integrated into existing systems at no additional cost and they work seamlessly together with payment processes. This ensures maximum convenience for consumers who merely require their payment method and don’t have to go through any further identification processes. 

  • White label capability and self-service portals

    Value-added services from Wirecard are tailored specifically to program managers and are fully available as a white label solution. As a result, merchant portals, for example, can be individually aligned with the look and feel of the program manager. 

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