Wirecard is an international leader of technology for multifunctional mobile payment solutions and offers a complete programme of products and complementary solutions.

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Our solutions

Payment with mobile

Offer and process in-app payments securely

Payment on mobile

Mobile payment on smartphone

Mobile Card Reader

Mobile processing of card transactions

Apple Pay

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Wirecard mPOS SDK Integration


Integration of payment solutions into existing merchant apps

Features & benefits

  • Near field communication (NFC)

    NFC is contactless card technology through which the chip and antenna in the card communicate with NFC readers.

    Wirecard offers payment solutions that allow consumers easy payment at any NFC-enabled payment point. Customers simply have to hold their smartphone to the NFC reader, which confirms the payment via a signal. This tap-and-go process reduces the time of the payment transaction to between 300 milliseconds and 500 milliseconds.

  • Card issuing and acceptance

    The Wirecard Bank has a licence to issue credit and debit cards as well as a licence to conclude acceptance contracts.

    Wirecard Card Solutions, which is also part of the Group, has an e-money licence and can therefore offer further options for the issuance of prepaid cards in the UK and the rest of Europe.

    The range spans from traditional plastic cards to virtual credit cards (instacards), which are generated on the mobile end device (instant issuing) and can be topped up in real time.

  • Risk-minimised real time processing

    As is the case with our online payment systems, our mobile payment solutions process transactions in real time.

    Controls and evaluation are completed based on comprehensive security mechanisms, also integrated risk management.

  • Transparency for payer and payee

    With our white label real time apps, consumers can track all payments and view their current account balance at any time.

    We also offer retailers web-based administration platforms to easily process transactions, including cancellations and refunds, as well as vouchers and loyalty points.

  • Fully integrated solutions

    Regardless of whether they are to be combined with merchandise management and administration software, or a company's own mobile apps, mobile payment solutions can be seamlessly integrated via XML interfaces.

  • Tailored concepts

    Wirecard's white label concepts allow customer-specific adaptation of our products with regard to corporate design and functionality.

    Consequently, we guarantee maximum flexibility for our partners and decisive benefits for the time-to-market.

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