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24-10-18 |
Starting with January 13, 2018, with the introduction of a major EU regulation - PSD2 - the way institutions think about, provide, and commercialise financial services has been completely revolutionized. The role of Open Banking PSD2 fosters... See more
24-10-18 |
Going way beyond the traditional way of shopping online, the voice ecommerce took over the innovation’s scene and it seems to show a lot of promise in the ecommerce ecosystem. Consumers have realised that point-and-click is now a basic feature and... See more
Powered by the paypers | 24-10-18 | E-Commerce
The European Commission has issued updated guidance for ending unjustified geo-blocking to help member states and ecommerce businesses to adapt to the new rules. The rules against unjustified geo-blocking, which start applying across the EU from 3... See more
Powered by the paypers | 19-09-18 | Innovation in payments
IBM has launched IBM Blockchain World Wire, a near-instant cross-border payments system, in partnership with blockchain company Stellar. Using blockchain technology and the Stellar protocol, which is a key part of the technical framework for near... See more
Powered by the paypers | 19-09-18 | Mobile Payment
Apple has landed in a regulatory grey zone regarding its plans to launch a Unified Payments Interface-based payments platform in India.  According to Economic Times, Apple put the brakes on introducing Apple Pay despite holding discussions with... See more
Powered by the paypers | 19-09-18 | Mobile Payment
Visa has created a new category of payment aggregator – a “marketplace” – and now has updated the requirements to qualify as a marketplace under Visa’s rules. The new marketplace designation will have an immediate impact in the ecommerce market by... See more
19-09-18 |
The Chinese tourism market is constantly growing in Europe and the US, offering huge revenue opportunities for retailers and enabling Chinese titans such as Tencent and Ant Financial tap into a huge market potential by expanding their footprint to... See more
19-09-18 |
Recent advancements in digital payment technology have enabled consumers to simply tap a payment terminal with their smartphone or their payment-enabled device in order to make a purchase and get on with their daily activities. Many technology... See more
26-08-18 |
The next great innovation in retail - the personalized physical store Despite ecommerce being on the rise all over the world, recent innovation has shown that in-store shopping is far from dead. In fact, some of retail’s most interesting experiments... See more
26-08-18 |
Smartphones, biometrics and payments, best friends with benefits (for consumers) Mobile phones are an integral part of our daily lives.  Their small size, the features they contain and the many use cases make the smartphones invaluable tools for... See more

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