Our goal is to add value to secure and seamless commerce. With our payment services and solutions. For millions of people across the globe.

In future, we would like to provide more transparent and direct information on current and important developments within the company. We therefore created a new section for public information on corporate governance, compliance, audit results and certificates, and other important topics.

Legal Statement FT

Please find in the following a statement by our law firm Bub Memminger & Partner on the current status of the legal proceedings against the Financial Times and Dan McCrum.

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Our financial journey

Transparency is a core value at Wirecard, especially in terms of our financial data. In our presentation, you can find a detailed overview of our revenue, liabilities, growth, and more.

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Facts about the Singapore license

Wirecard currently carries out its operating business in Singapore without any interruption.

Singapore’s Payment Services Act (“PSA”) came into force on 28 January 2020 and regulates a range of activities, including merchant acquisition and prepaid card issuing. Payment service providers engaging in such activities need to obtain a license from MAS („Monetary Authority Singapore“) or apply for an exemption.

We at Wirecard have participated in industry consultations that MAS has been running for well over a year on this matter, and we are familiar with the law and its implementation regulations as published by MAS to date.

Our assessment is that we meet all qualification criteria under the Payment Services Act and are confident that we will be able to obtain a license from MAS in due course.

As an existing operating issuer and acquirer, our company will apply for an exemption within the timeframes prescribed by PSA: no later than end of February 2020. We at Wirecard believe we meet the exemption criteria and expect approval by MAS to be granted accordingly. Upon approval by MAS of the exemption request, we will have 12 months to apply for a license according to PSA.

Statements by Thomas Eichelmann, our new Chairman of the Supervisory Board


KPMG is focusing primarily on the issues that were criticized repeatedly in the press, including in Singapore and Dubai. They aim to finish those investigations by the end of March. I leave you to draw your own conclusions from the fact that we have not yet issued an ad hoc announcement.”

Related to the Supervisory Board

However, it is also true that we could greatly benefit from increased capacity and competence on the Supervisory Board to support the Management Board critically and constructively into the next phase.”

“Wirecard is growing extensively in Asia and is also to expand in the USA. So we are considering whether we need even more international experience and expertise. And because I am not supposed to be Chairman of the Supervisory Board and Chairman of the Audit Committee at the same time, we would like to fill the latter position until the Annual General Meeting takes place, as we need more financial expertise.”

Related to the Management Board

But independent of currently active members of the Management Board, we are wondering whether we should expand the Management Board.”

“What matters to me is what the people involved do for the company and whether they fulfill their duties.”

“But, of course, the discussions about the contract extensions and the expansion of the Management Board also lead us to discuss the division of responsibilities.”

On compliance

Let me just say this: Where we are not already, we will become fully state of the art, and we will continue to do everything necessary to achieve this.”