Minimise risk. Maximise sales prospects.

Effective risk management is particularly important in times of expanding e-commerce markets. After all, despite all the opportunities that online retail provides, there are also many risks involved. Credit card payment fraud, unpaid direct debits and late bill payments can be significantly reduced with the right risk management strategy. In conjunction with a wide range of payment options which your customers enjoy, this type of tool will ensure higher sales opportunities over the long term.

Ensure your success by protecting yourself effectively against payment default and fraud. Wirecard’s risk management systems have a modular structure, ensuring that you get the protection your shop needs to process payments securely worldwide. As an international payment service provider, we understand the biggest risks on all continents. All of our systems are scalable, as we want to grow with you. The more you can control and estimate risk, the more you will increase your sales – for all payment methods.

The perfect solution for every industry

Our proven fraud prevention and risk management solutions offer merchants of all sizes maximum security in electronic transactions worldwide. Methods which automatically monitor the identity, addresses, age and credit rating of online customers in real time are used in a standardised manner and ensure that you are comprehensively protected. Our process solutions are fully automated and scalable, and protect you from payment default due to an inadequate credit rating or fraud, right from the very first day. Depending on your industry, company size and individual needs, they can also be adapted quickly and flexibly as you require.

Optimal protection from fraud and payment default

With comprehensive real-time risk management which is individually tailored to your requirements and markets and which can be flexibly expanded, Wirecard offers the right solution for secure payment processing. Our risk solutions are scalable and can be combined and modified. You can integrate entire packages or even individual modules quickly and easily into your shop system by means of a single interface.

Our solutions include holistic, personal checks of consumers, identification of suspicious direct debit and credit card transactions, as well as scalable rule weighting enabling highly accurate fraud differentiation. This means you can offer more payment methods without any risk and also effectively minimise fraud-related payment defaults with maximum sales.

Risk management and decision-making logic

Stay a step ahead of fraudsters and perform automated analyses of fraud patterns in real time. Intelligent, transaction-related check mechanisms immediately identify if a transaction may potentially be fraudulent. The basic solution is tailored individually to customer needs and takes into account market- and industry-specific empirical value.

  • Use of the policy for checking customer-specific, transaction-related information.
  • Monitoring of unusual behaviour during input, blacklists or device fingerprint anomalies.
  • Rule weighting enables more accurate classification of fraudulent transactions into fraud levels The weighting is based on the individual situation of the retailer and the market.
  • Merchants who would also like to actively control their fraud prevention solution manually can use the additional option ‘Case management’.
  • Wirecard has a specialised team of analysts and helps merchants in every industry and of every size to optimise their fraud detection based on their individual needs.
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