Easy pay with the smartphone

Near field communication (NFC) can be used to significantly simplify and speed up the payment process at the point of sale.

Wireless technology is currently developing into the standard technology for mobile payment via smartphones, but it also makes it possible to include voucher and customer loyalty programmes. In addition, retailers can save costs via NFC.

The length of the payment process at the point of sale can be reduced considerably through NFC technology. Customers simply need to briefly hold their smartphone above the card reader device in order to complete the transaction. The average time-saving in comparison with cash transactions is around 25%, and it is even up to 50% faster than conventional card payments.

Involuntary wireless connections or third party access are prevented by the short distance of no more than 10 cm between NFC-enabled smartphones and the contactless till terminal to complete the payment transactions. This makes NFC the perfect, secure basis for cashless payment systems.

Voucher and customer loyalty programmes can be directly linked to payment transactions via NFC-enabled smartphones. In this way, high street retailers have the option of incorporating marketing campaigns into the checkout process at the till.

If retailers make cashless, mobile payments possible for their customers, they save on the costs incurred in relation to the handling of cash. This also applies to costs resulting from long queues at the tills.

Features & Benefits

  • Global standard

    NFC is an international transmission standard that is now supported by around 10% of all EC card terminals in Germany. The number of NFC-enabled smartphones has also been rising. At the end of 2013, there were more than 100 NFC-enabled mobile devices, including Samsung, Sony, Nokia and Blackberry. Most recently, the Apple iPhone 6 also has an NFC chip.

  • Reduced energy consumption

    An additional benefit of the short distance between card reader and mobile device is that a relatively weak signal is sufficient for the data transfer. This therefore does not drain the battery of the customer's smartphone.

  • Additional service

    Wirecard has developed an NFC sticker featuring technology that bridges the gap for smartphones that are not yet NFC-enabled. The sticker includes all customer credit card information and is attached to the back of the smartphone, allowing them to make tap and go payments using their smartphone.