Features and benefits

  • NFC stickers for smartphones

    Wirecards NFC sticker (NFC: near-field communication) includes all customer credit card information and is attached to the back of the smartphone.

    Even smartphones without integrated NFC technology can therefore also be used for tap-and-go payments. Wirecard also supplies stickers with different apps, with functions such as retailer search, P2P transactions (peer-to-peer, computer-to-computer), vouchers and loyalty points.

  • SIM as a payment card (mobile wallet)

    With the mobile wallet, Wirecard offers a white label solution which integrates all credit card and loyalty card functions into the secure element of the SIM card in addition to NFC technology. We cooperate with all major providers of TSM/SP-TSM services and are experienced in Visa payWave and Mastercard PayPass. Our mobile wallet portfolio is constantly expanding with new services, such as ticketing, Facebook integration, open APIs (application programming interfaces) and SDKs (software development kits).

  • Host card emulation

    HCE makes it possible to carry out secure NFC-based transactions for payments and services via mobile apps, regardless of whether a physical secure element (SE) is available on the mobile phone. The data generated during a transaction is therefore no longer stored on a hardware component, but instead on a secure centralised server.

    NFC host card emulation technology is already standard in Android devices from version 4.4. This feature makes it possible to create NFC payment cards for Android smartphones. They can then be combined with other mobile payment systems, loyalty and voucher offers as well as other services.

    In order to encrypt sensitive card data, Wirecard emulates a one-off token per transaction, which is used in the EMV transaction. This replaces the original card data, which is saved in a PCI-compliant database in a secure server environment. It is not necessary to change either the sensitive authorisation system of banks or the POS terminal of retailers for this Wirecard solution and no data connection to the internet is required for payments.

  • BLE Smart Payment

    Bluetooth low energy (BLE) is opening up numerous new opportunities for merchants in the areas of customer retention and contactless payment processing. Bluetooth BLE Smart Payment from Wirecard places secure, innovative technologies at users’ disposal for this. Wireless communication makes credit cards and entering information into smartphones superfluous.

    Similar to NFC or QR codes, Bluetooth low energy (BLE) radio technology facilitates contactless data transfer at a distance of up to ten metres. GPS, WLAN or mobile networks are not required. Using micro transmitters (beacons), BLE provides location-based services that are communicated to the point of sale for mobile marketing activities. As soon as a customer comes within the range of the beacons, retailers can take advantage of an additional communication channel and send personalised offers such as discounts or loyalty schemes to the customer’s mobile device. BLE has already been integrated into a number of smartphone operating systems.

  • NFC-alternative technologies

    Levels of acceptance of NFC solutions vary in different markets and, for this reason, Wirecard offers alternative contactless payment options, for example barcode payment.

    Under this system, transactions are processed using a QR code. We also offer location-based payment options, where transactions begin with a smartphone check-in. The retailer’s system identifies the purchaser on the basis of a profile and the transaction takes place in the background. A quick, easy and highly personal solution.

  • Virtual credit cards ('instacards')

    As a member of VISA, Mastercard and JCB, as well as through its membership in an international banking partnership network, Wirecard is in a position to supply a wide ranging spectrum of cards, including virtual credit cards.

    These have a limited term of validity and are generated directly on the mobile terminal ('instant issuing') by a special application. Cards can be charged in a variety of different ways. 'Instacards' constitute a secure mobile payment solution which can be used for widely differing payment processes.

  • Credit card and real time-app

    One of our solutions combines the traditional credit card with a mobile app.

    This enables a completely mobile user experience: mobile product design, different mobile top-up methods, fully integrated voucher and loyalty offers. Transaction history and account balance information allow transparency and cost control. In addition, buyer and retailer benefit from real-time processes and secure service procedures, as well as the option to quickly and flexibly integrate new functions and top-up methods.

  • Vouchers and loyalty points

    With individualised vouchers and loyalty programmes generated automatically by means of user accounts, Wirecard is setting new benchmark standards which offer genuine added value.

    Consumers are made aware of relevant offers, participate in them and reap the rewards, such as discounts, cash refunds or loyalty points. Our voucher and loyalty points technology supports every type of mobile terminal, from simple mobile phones to high-end smartphones and even payment back ends, such as the Wirecard checkout page.

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