Features & benefits

  • External memory and encryption server

    For example, customers input their 16-digit credit card number on the payment page of an online store. The payment system transfers this number directly to Wirecard's external tokenization server.

    Here, the data is encrypted. This generates a token, which is a reference number that relates to the card number. The token is then returned to the payment system, meaning the online shop only works with this information and does not need to focus on ensuring data protection. Both the original credit card number and the link to the token are securely stored on the external tokenization server.

  • PCI-compliant implementation

    Wirecard's tokenization system is compliant with the Tokenization Guidelines issued by the PCI Security Standards Council, and is PCI-DSS and PA-DSS-certified (Payment Application Data Security Standard).

  • Complete integration

    Our tokenization server can be seamlessly incorporated into existing systems. Tokens can therefore be used without limitation by all IT applications in a company, for all payment transactions.

    In addition, this fully-integrated solution guarantees that data is categorically only stored locally as a token and therefore protects against misuse.

  • Configured to meet the requirements

    Tokenization modules from Wirecard AG can be freely configured according to needs. For example, alphanumeric sequences can be configured to correspond precisely to the data format of credit cards, which means that existing systems do not need to be adapted.

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