Features & benefits

  • Case study: SCP in tourism

    A consumer books a hotel with a travel agency. The travel agency creates a virtual credit card for the booking, as yet without transaction limit, and uses it for the hotel reservation.

    As soon as the hotel reservation is confirmed with a booking code, the travel agent adds the code, traveller's name and any other potential booking details to the card data. The card is then topped up with the total payment amount and a payment date added. The hotel processes the card like any other credit card, debiting the correct amount on the right date, and receives the money via its  credit card acceptance contract. Once the card has been debited, booking and payment are automatically reconciled by the operator via interfaces on the relevant finance and accounting systems.

  • Flexible card creation

    Operators can create and top up virtual credit cards, either automatically via the XML interface or manually via a graphical user interface (GUI). Payee and payment date can be freely selected, which is particularly important for reservations and fixed-date payments.

  • Web-based administration

    The Wirecard Enterprise Portal (WEP) offers SCP customers comprehensive administration, display and evaluation functions, such as standard reports on card activity. The intuitive user interface and online access anywhere mean it is easy and convenient to use.

  • Airline and tourism expertise

    As a long-standing partner of numerous major airlines and travel operators, Wirecard has acquired special expertise in the travel and tourism industry. Our strategic partnership with IATA is ample proof of this.

    The demands of international companies have consistently influenced our portfolio, which is also constantly adapting to the developments of the travel market. On this basis, we offer tailor-made solutions for the entire tourism industry, which are global, innovative and flexible to suit any airline, cruise company, tour operator and travel agency, hotel and logistics provider.

  • Secure customer payment processing

    Wirecard not only optimises payment to suppliers, but also processes customer payments.

    In the global tourism industry, business success essentially depends on the capacity to offer a range of national and international payment options. Our payment solutions cover the entire range of payment methods, while also ensuring the greatest possible degree of security for companies. Wirecard's integrated risk management enables reliable evaluation in real time and effectively protects against payment default.

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