Card-Linked Offers

Seamless, integrated and mobile

The Card-Linked Offers Platform is an innovative customer loyalty system from Wirecard. With this flexible, secure, easy-to-use and fully integrated solution, simple customer loyalty programs can be implemented in just a few minutes. These customer loyalty programs operate automatically, in real time and independently from the existing cash register infrastructure.

The technology is based on the transactions that customers conduct with their registered cards. The system works in real time, and for both issuing and acquiring customers, it can be seamlessly integrated into other services offered by Wirecard.

For merchants and program managers, the installation of a customer loyalty program with the Card-Linked Offers Platform is extremely easy. It involves a value-added service for a pre-existing Wirecard contract. Using the self-service platform from Wirecard, merchants can either choose from a list of predefined campaigns or design a customised, individual customer loyalty program. Reports and statistics on current campaigns are available in real time and deliver important insights for optimising customer loyalty strategies, configuring the assortment as well as personal customer service and thus strengthening customers’ shopping experience.

The customer loyalty program from Wirecard also satisfies customers’ need for a seamless and easy-to-use solution. All customers have to do is add a payment card via a PCI-certified solution from Wirecard and conduct their transactions as usual. The system links their transactions to their customer account and automatically awards them loyalty points or coupons.

Features & Benefits

  • Flexible campaign formats

    Card-Linked Offers offer merchants a variety of options for the implementation of their customer loyalty programs: from smaller promotional campaigns, to incentive campaigns and virtual stamp cards, to complex and long-term point-based loyalty programs with multiple partners. Standardised campaign recommendations make the first steps easy. Additionally, merchants have the opportunity to individually design their tailored customer loyalty program. 

  • Flexible customer rewards

    There are many opportunities to reward customers for their purchases and their loyalty. In order to meet the individual needs of merchants, Wirecard developed three flexible reward concepts, which, in turn, can be combined with a loyalty campaign as needed.

    Manually redeemable customer rewards: the rewards are not linked with a payment transaction, but rather are manually confirmed by the merchant. This type of reward is mostly used in the context of special discount campaigns. Voucher-based customer rewards: codes are issued by the merchant or program manager and distributed by the customer loyalty system.

    Voucher-based rewards are especially easy to integrate and distinguish themselves through a high degree of security.

    Payment-based customer rewards: here, it’s a matter of rewarding customers financially. Cashback payments are enabled in real time through integration with the Wirecard payment-processing platform.

  • Omni-channel solution

    With the Card-Linked Offers Platform, merchants can install their customer loyalty program across all channels – on the web, at the POS, as well as on mobile devices. The system functions with every credit card and with alternative payment solutions at the POS and in e-commerce. Wirecard offers support solutions for all web and in-app applications in order to ensure the smooth performance of the loyalty programs. 

  • Self-service platform

    Using the self-service platform from Wirecard, merchants can create their merchant profiles quickly and easily and access reports and statistics. Furthermore, they can choose from a list of popular and predefined campaigns or make an individual customer loyalty program. For program managers, a corresponding white label solution for the management of customer loyalty programs is available. 

  • Analyses in real time

    Via the payment ecosystem from Wirecard, merchants have real-time access to their customers’ transaction data and loyalty data. Besides insights into customers’ demographic data and consumer behaviour, additional analyses across all serviced distribution channels and offered payment instruments are available to merchants. On request, further data can be collected and evaluated via Wirecard ConnectedPOS.

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