Host Card Emulation

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Smartphones as chip cards

With the new HCE software solution, consumers can conveniently make cashless, contactless payments at the point of sale.

Wirecard is presenting a new mobile card solution based on host card emulation (HCE) technology, which enables smartphones to be used as easily and securely as a standard chip card.

Retailers, banks and white label partners can provide this card solution available quickly and conveniently via a conventional app. This applies to all smartphones running Android operating system 4.4. and above.

The payment transaction is processed over the app, which functions as a credit card.

The consumer’s smartphone does not require any particular SIM card. The app also need not be linked to an embedded secure element in the device, as is the case with most mobile solutions such as Apple Pay.

HCE is a software-only solution. This means that all data produced for the transaction is no longer stored on a hardware element, but is filed away in a secure central server environment.

The reach of HCE is extremely high because the new technology is supported by all Android devices (from version 4.4 onward). The vast majority of smartphones use an Android operating system.

The new solution is ideal for suppliers who wish to reach a wide range of cardholders and operate at the interface of mobile wireless technology providers and manufacturers of mobile devices.

Features & Benefits

  • HCE complies with the EMV standard

    This technology is compatible with the EMV standard, a specification for payment cards, smart cards and PoS terminals from Europay International, MasterCard and Visa. Thus, merchants don’t have to make any changes to the software in their PoS terminals in order to use HCE. 

  • Manual and automatic mode supported

    HCE technology supports both manual and automatic mode. In manual mode, the user must enter a numerical password for every transaction. For small amounts, it is not necessary to start the app or enter a password when in automatic mode. 

  • The HCE solution from Wirecard is completely PCI-compliant

    The HCE solution from Wirecard is completely PCI-compliant, a policy for payments according to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), which is supported by all important credit card companies.

  • Loyalty programmes or mobile ticketing

    HCE makes it possible to process not only payments, but also all other NFC services, such as loyalty programmes or mobile ticketing.