Features & benefits

  • Hybrid call centre structure

    In Leipzig, we operate a communication call centre staffed by in-house personnel. In addition, we have a virtual call centre with remote agents, who work in a decentralised manner and are seamlessly connected to the central conversation platforms and processes. This hybrid call centre structure facilitates communication solutions that are virtually unrivalled in terms of their flexibility, availability, efficiency and customer proximity.

  • Intelligent peak level management

    Based on the hybrid call centre structure, we can provide the required specialists, services and service allocation with the utmost flexibility. For companies, this represents a cost-effective method of controlling personnel capacity and covering acute peak levels.

  • International availability

    Wirecard Communication Services GmbH supports customers worldwide with call centre agents in Germany and abroad. Regardless of whether level 1, 2 or 3 support is needed and if issues are technical or content related, our services can be accessed in 18 languages.

  • Industry-specific expertise

    Wirecard agents are specialists in a range of different fields. They speak the language of customers and offer solutions appropriate to the particular subject: financial services, community management, gaming and software, mail order and direct response television (DRTV).

  • Specialist range of services

    Our wide ranging service portfolio is a basis for tailored communication solutions for any business area and model. Services offered include support, product tests, community management, upsell and cross-selling, order processing, fulfilment, letter shop services, tracking and reporting.

  • Multi-channel support

    Alongside traditional communication channels such as telephone, fax and letter, we also offer modern multimedia services. Included in this are email, chat, forums, in-game support and knowledge databases.

  • The latest technology

    Our equipment includes a ticketing system (Trak3r), a customer experience platform with integrated monitoring (RightNow), telephone software with intelligent call transfer which was developed in-house (Virtual Call Centre, VCC), customisable language dialogue (Interactive Voice Response, IVR), holding patterns (Call Queuing) and call recording.

  • Comprehensive quality management

    We also use a range of techniques to constantly improve the quality of our services: call recording for training purposes, customer feedback, mystery calls, silent monitoring, as well as communication and knowledge tests. In addition, we consistently invest in training our employees, with regular training sessions as well as standby and side-by-side coaching.

Key facts

1,300,000 calls
18 languages
850,000 emails

Wirecard Communication Services GmbH is a specialist in first-class consultancy and information services and a flexible partner for a range of communication services.

  • 400 employees
  • 1,300,000 calls
  • 18 languages
  • 850,000 emails
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