In dialogue with your customers. Anytime, anywhere.

Consumers increasingly expect to be able to reach companies across all channels. Quickly, competently, solution-oriented and in person. Outsourcing customer support enables companies to optimally meet this demand and also optimise their internal processes, save costs and increase their sales.

Wirecard Communication Services GmbH specialises in premium consultation and information services. Our tailored support solutions allow you to provide your customers with flexible, efficient support across all communication channels – by telephone, chat, email or even in-game.

With Wirecard, companies can benefit from an international pool of highly qualified agents from all over the world. In additional to a physical communication centre based in Leipzig, around 50 per cent of our agents work from flexible locations at flexible times and are available virtually around the clock.

This intelligent, efficient hybrid call centre structure enables companies to offer professional, multilingual support around the clock, thus ensuring cost-efficient management of staffing resources and maximum coverage during busy periods.


  • Highly qualified experts with industry-specific expertise
  • Comprehensive quality management ensuring smooth processes
  • Around-the-clock support ensuring high flexibility and scalability
  • Tailored services and individual billing models


We offer a wide range of flexible communication services. We develop tailored solutions precisely adapted to your business and your specific requirements. As a full-service payment provider, we also offer a wide range of products and services in relation to payment processing, banking and risk management.

We maintain a communication centre with fixed workers in Leipzig. We also have a virtual call centre with remote agents who work on a decentralised basis and are seamlessly connected to our central dialogue platforms and processes. This hybrid call centre structure enables unprecedented communication solutions in terms of flexibility, availability, efficiency and customer proximity.

With call centre agents located around the world, Wirecard Communication Services GmbH supports customers wherever they are. We offer multilingual customer support (predominantly through native speakers) around the clock, so we can always respond promptly to customer enquiries. Whether it’s first, second or third-level support, order intake, customer service or a project composed specifically for you, our services are available in various different languages.

Wirecard agents are specialists in a wide range of industries. They speak the customer’s language and offer solutions that address specific issues – from financial services and community management, gaming and software to mail-order business and direct response television (DRTV).

We use various methods to continue improving our service quality – call recording for training purposes, customer feedback, mystery calls, silent monitoring and communication and knowledge tests. We also invest consistently in further training for our employees, such as regular training sessions and standby and side-by-side coaching.

Our equipment ranges from the ticketing system (Trak3r) to proprietary telephone software: with intelligent call processing (virtual call centre, VCC), customisable voice dialogues (interactive voice response, IVR), call queuing and call recording.


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Wirecard Communication Services GmbH can call on a global pool of highly qualified agents and experts. The Expert Connection is a virtual call centre, providing customers with support around the clock. Our specialists have industry-specific expertise in a wide range of areas, including gaming and software, mail-order business, financial services and direct response television (DRTV). The experts in the virtual call centre carry out their tasks through first and second-level support, or boost your resources at your physical call centre in case of higher call volumes. Benefit from significant cost savings and offer your customers optimal support.

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