Features & benefits

  • NFC sticker (contactless cards)

    Wirecard's NFC sticker (NFC: near field communication) includes all customer credit card information and is attached to the back of the smartphone.  

    Mobile devices without integrated NFC technology can therefore also be used for tap-and-go payments in real time. Wirecard also supplies stickers with different apps, with functions such as retailer search, P2P transactions (peer-to-peer, computer-to-computer), vouchers and loyalty points.

  • Phones as Payment Cards

    With the Mobile Wallet, Wirecard offers a white label solution which integrates credit card and loyalty card functions into the secure element of the SIM card in addition to NFC technology.

    We cooperate with all major providers of TSM/SP-TSM services and are experienced in Visa payWave and MasterCard PayPass. Our Mobile Wallet portfolio is constantly expanding with new services, such as ticketing, Facebook integration, open APIs (application programming interfaces) and SDKs (software development kits).

  • Easy credit card

    One of our solutions combines the traditional credit card with a mobile app.

    This enables a completely mobile user experience: mobile product design, different mobile top up methods, fully integrated voucher and loyalty offers. Transaction history and account balance information allow transparency and cost control. In addition, both buyer and retailer benefit from real time processes and secure service procedures, as well as the option to quickly and flexibly integrate new functions and top up methods.

  • Co-branded customer credit card

    Companies are expanding their range of services with our affinity cards, strengthening customer loyalty and boosting brand recognition.

    Additional services, such as customer-specific images (lifestyle card) and loyalty programmes add further value to the card. The Wirecard Bank is the only financial service provider in Germany to offer co-branded cards, which are available to order online, without application forms and complex postal identification procedures. The card can be issued directly. 

    Wirecard Card Solutions, which is also part of the Group, has an e-money licence and can therefore offer further options for the issuance of prepaid cards in the UK and the rest of Europe. 

    We offer you maximum flexibility regarding design and motive. Furthermore the delivering of the cards can be complemented by advertising supplement as brochures or flyers.

  • Payout Cards

    The payout cards from Wirecard mean that you no longer have to hold large reserves of cash in your ompany or business to process payments at the till. Payout cards are personalised prepaid cards, which are a recognised and accepted form of payment worldwide. Employees with a payout card will have access to money on their business trips. The card also allows you to regularly and securely transfer till payments to service providers. In addition, the due amount is transferred automatically by your accounting department in the form of credit on the payout cards on a specified day.

    Credit is automatically transferred in an international base currency to the respective payout card. Every user therefore saves on unnecessary international transfer or cash deposit fees. The budget is controllable on both sides thanks to the prepaid function.

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