International growth, higher conversion, optimised processes. We strive to achieve your goals.

No two companies are the same. We have made it our mission to provide our customers with the best possible support and help them on their way to achieving their individual business objectives. Whether you’re looking for international expansion, improved conversion rates or optimised processes throughout your entire value chain, Wirecard will provide you with sophisticated solutions and comprehensive support services.

Wirecard combines the expertise of a technology company with those of a bank, creating advanced services that allow you to be successful across all channels. We give you all the products and services you need for cashless transactions from a single source, from the latest payment systems and proven risk management to a wide range of banking services. Discover the many benefits for your business.

International growth

Whether you’re a large chain or a small or medium-sized company, Wirecard is on hand to help. We understand the business models, processes as well as country- and currency-specific factors across a wide range of industries, and provide companies with tailored solutions to enable national and international growth.

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Improved conversion

Be it intelligent, scalable payment solutions or perfectly tailored customer retention programmes, there are many starting points to boost customer trust and conversion rates and to maximise sales potential. Wirecard offers a wide range of products and supplementary services.

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Flexible integration

Wirecard offers a multitude of simple, secure integration options which enable you to accept payments. Global and across all channels – online, mobile and at the point of sale. Explore the numerous options available and find the integration option that best suits your business and target group.

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Integrated protection

With the right risk management solutions, you can minimise fraud and payment default and also enjoy improved sales prospects. Wirecard’s fraud prevention and risk management solutions offer merchants of all sizes maximum security in electronic transactions worldwide. Established standards and individually tailored control mechanisms ensure that you have comprehensive, all-round protection.

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Optimised processes

By optimising processes, you can maximise potential and save significant costs. Wirecard can help you with every aspect of process optimisation – from comprehensive reports and analyses and lean, transparent processes throughout the entire value chain to consulting and information services.

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Increased security

Ease of use, rapid, secure transactions and transparent processes are the name of the game when it comes to cashless transactions. Wirecard offers everything from a single source and guarantees maximum security. Wirecard Bank, part of the Wirecard Group, is a member of the deposit protection fund of German banks and is regulated by the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin).

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