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Features & benefits

  • Simple to use

    The Wirecard mobile card reader is ready to use in seconds.

    All that’s needed is a smartphone or a tablet, an internet connection and the relevant app. Simply connect the card reader to the mobile device and, just like with any other terminal, swipe or insert the customer’s card. The customer confirms payment by entering the PIN number or signing the touch screen. The transaction is then immediately processed and the customer receives the invoice by email.

  • Comprehensive compatibility

    Our mobile card readers can be simply and easily connected to existing systems and will work with all current POS applications (backends) and terminals. Beyond this, the integrated software development kit for iOS and Androids allows card acceptance to be integrated in individual apps.

  • Maximum security

    Wirecard mobile card readers not only comply fully with the PCI Guidelines, issued by the PCI Security Standards Council for secure payment transfer, but also offer more extensive protection.

    Firstly, the payment programme can only be launched if the relevant app has been installed on the terminal and secondly, all card data is directly encrypted by end-to-end encryption in the reader. This allows the integration of risk management which includes fraud prevention and consequently, both card holder and retailer benefit from maximum security. 

  • Flexible white label solution

    Our mobile card readers can be individually tailored to suit white label solutions, both in their configuration and their design.

    In addition, the relevant apps and backends are suitable for white label purposes. This enables resellers and retailers (using co-branding) to support their marketing to maximum effect by giving their online presence a suitably corporate look and feel. 

  • Unique comprehensive offering

    We offer sales organisations in every sector a complete package which is uniquely comprehensive.

    Our mobile card reader programme includes the most varied card readers for both EMC standard and magnetic strip options. Included are card acceptance services (via the Wirecard Bank), the relevant wallet apps, open interfaces for developers and call centre support. This comprehensive offering from under one roof offers our customers significant value added.

  • Web-based administration platform

    For the purposes of easy management and analysis of transaction data, the mobile card reader gives retailers access to a user friendly web interface.

    This platform allows transactions to be simply and easily checked and analysed, payment receipts to be printed out and cancellations and refunds initiated.  The platform can also be used to define voucher and loyalty point campaigns.

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