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Features & benefits

  • Secure consumer enrolment

    Wirecard’s In-App Payment service provides a secure hosted enrolment service for consumers and payment data. Thus sensitive information does not flow through your app, reducing development effort, security certification costs as well as reputational and financial liabilities related to the processing of payment data.

    Wirecard’s In-App Payment service supports all popular mobile payment methods and can be quickly and easily adapted to the individual design of your mobile app.

  • Tokenization and secure data storage

    Wirecard’s In-App Payment service provides secure hosted data storage functionalities for sensitive consumer and payment information.

    Using Wirecard’s In-App Payment service your app and server-side systems can work exclusively with reference numbers (token) instead of storing and processing the actual sensitive information, such as credit card numbers. Sensitive original information is only stored and processed on Wirecard’s secure data vault and tokenization server where it is safe from unauthorized access.

    Using Wirecard’s tokenization service saves you the cost and effort of PCI audits, significantly reduces the development effort for your mobile app and protects you from the cost and reputational damage of a data breach.

    Wirecard's tokenization system is compliant with the Tokenization Guidelines issued by the PCI Security Standards Council, and is PCI-DSS and PA-DSS-certified (Payment Application Data Security Standard).

    Here you learn more about Tokenization. 



  • Comprehensive card acceptance

    Wirecard not only processes credit and debit card transactions quickly and securely in real time, but via Wirecard Bank, we also offer our customers the necessary acceptance contracts.

    In order to do this, Wirecard works together with the leading credit card organisations: American Express, China UnionPay, Diners Club, Discover, JCB, MasterCard and Visa.

  • Single-step checkout

    Wirecard’s In-App Payment service supports a variety of single-step checkout functions.

    Using device fingerprinting, in-app tokens or the consumer’s fingerprint payments can be authorized in a seamless single-step process.

    Improving the user experience at the checkout will significantly impact conversion rates and increase positive purchasing decisions.

    Wirecard’s In-App Payment service with single-step checkout assists you in streamlining the checkout process, directly resulting in higher revenues for your business.

  • Multiple payment methods

    Wirecard’s In-App Payment service supports a wide range of national and international payment options in a single solution: credit cards, direct debits, online transfers, mobile payment, alternative payment methods and industry-specific solutions.

    Full compatibility with Wirecard’s mobile point-of-sale terminal and card reader solutions allow to bridge the gap between in-app payments and the acceptance of physical payment instruments.

    Furthermore Wirecard’s In-App Payment service is compatible with NFC, QR-code and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology to enable in-store payments at the physical point-of-sale directly out of your mobile app.

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