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Wirecard Checkout Page

The payment page for your online shop

Credit card processing
Credit card processing

Offer card payments without risk

Apple Pay

Accept Apple Pay online and in-store

SEPA direct debit

Low cost payment collection in 33 countries

Online banking payments

Reach e-Banking customers worldwide

Alternative payments

Market-oriented expansion of payment options

Worldwide Payments (SCP)

Control and monitor payments securely


Maximise security of stored card data

PoS terminals

Enable cashless payment at every PoS

Wirecard Checkout Portal

The portal for payment plugins

Features & benefits

  • Global added value platform

    With us, retailers do not just benefit from centralised access to worldwide payment solutions for consumers in their target markets. Wirecard offers more.

    In addition to all aspects of incoming and outgoing payment transactions, we also handle risk management and tamper-proof card data storage as well as national and international banking. For the fully automated processing of payment data, we offer the appropriate interfaces, such as ERP/merchandise management/logistics/debtor management and accounting systems. All payment data for downstream business processes is therefore available: up-to-date and consistent. In addition, numerous functions for long-term customer relationship management (CRM) are available to our customers.

  • Flexible implementation

    Our payment solutions are based on individual requirements and range from plugins to fully-integrated solutions.

    The shop plugins provide retailers with quick, simple connections to external payment platforms. Wirecard's seamless solutions include individual payment pages, which can be easily integrated into an online shop. As a result, customers no longer need to be transferred to an external payment platform, but are able to input their data directly in the shop. Payments are then processed in real time. Consequently, payments are easier and more secure, as well as retailers being able to provide a continuous brand experience to customers.

  • Worldwide payment transactions

    Whether in Europe, USA or Asia, the internationalisation of e-Commerce is an individual matter.

    With direct access to 85 payment and risk management processes and the Wirecard Bank by our side, we are able to find the appropriate solution for every retailer. Wirecard has knowledge of payment practices in different countries and, in addition to comprehensive consultancy services, delivers specifically tailored payment systems in 26 languages. Our national and international payment processes meet the needs of customers all around the world. Retailers are therefore able to adapt their payment options to the needs of each market, affording them the certainty of smooth payment transactions.

  • Cost-optimised currency management

    Via the Wirecard Bank, which operates in 69 countries, our customers can accept payments in 120 currencies and pay out in 18 currencies.

    In addition, we offer easy and secure access to national bank accounts, also in foreign currencies. We are therefore able to ensure transparent and smooth payment transactions worldwide and facilitate cost-optimised currency management for our customers.

  • Automated reconciliation of order and payment

    Wirecard handles the reconciliation of all incoming payments with the corresponding orders and provides retailers with the relevant data files.

    These not only include transaction data, but also customer-specific booking information. All our offered reconciliation functions can be combined with specific manual processes, such as debit, credit and cancellation.

  • Comprehensive reporting

    Wirecard's reporting function ensures maximum transparency and traceability of all payment transactions.

    Reporting can be configured and automated in a customer-specific way. Consequently, retailers can access the specific information they require and can always maintain an overview. Clear transaction numbers mean order and payment can be easily allocated.

  • Efficient debtor management

    Manually reconciling outstanding debits and incoming payments or producing reminder letters and collection notices is time-consuming, labour-intensive and costly.

    Wirecard offers flexible, scalable solutions for accounts receivable and and therefore covers the entire process chain: from customer account administration and payment reconciliation, including outstanding item lists, to dunning processes and debt collection. Our solutions are tailored to the respective business model. Processes can therefore be optimised and cost and payment default rates reduced.

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