3D Secure 2: Authentication solutions

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The implementation of the new PSD2 Directive (Payment Services Directive) in September 2019 means that online retailers who accept credit cards will need to bring themselves in line with the new security standards. For example, more data fields or additional steps within the transaction flow will be required in order to achieve strong customer authentication (SCA).

To help you meet the necessary requirements quickly and easily, please find below the 3D Secure 2 solutions from Wirecard for the various methods of integration. 

Achieve greater security in e-commerce now

The table below lists the implementation guides for each of the integration methods. You can contact our Support team with questions and comments by email anytime at: 3ds.support@wirecard.com

If you use our solutions via a third-party provider, please contact them directly for more information.


Are you connected to our payment solutions via a program interface, in other words via URL paths? 

Payment Page

Do you use Wirecard Payment Page (v1 or v2) to process online payments?

Find the solutions for your Wirecard Payment Page here:

Mobile SDK

Do your customers have the option of making payments using a mobile app (either for iOS or Android devices)?

Shop Extension

Do you use one or more shop extensions for the shop systems with which you process your payments? 

We are working at full speed on 3D-Secure-compliant solutions for our shop extensions and will provide you with an update shortly. The following shop extensions are currently under development:

  • Magento 1
  • Magento 2
  • Open Cart
  • Oxid
  • PrestaShop
  • Salesforce Commerce Cloud
  • SAP Commerce
  • Shopify
  • Shopware
  • WooCommerce

FAQs about 3D Secure 2

If your acquirer is located within the European Economic Area (EEA) and you accept online credit cards, you need to enable 3D Secure 2.

Strong customer authentication (SCA) will become mandatory as of September 2019 as part of the PSD2. 3D Secure 2 is the credit card schemes’ answer to it. Participation in the 3D Secure 2 program is the easiest way to enable strong customer authentication.

Starting September 2019, financial institutions within the EEA are mandated to perform strong customer authentication for financial transactions. If you don’t switch to 3D Secure 2, you can generally expect a significant increase of declined transactions.

Even though strong customer authentication generally needs to be applied for payment transactions in the EEA, there are several cases in which it will not be mandatory, even after September 2019. For a comprehensive list of exemptions, please visit www.wirecard.com/3d-secure-2/strong-customer-authentication/.

The technical steps needed to support 3D Secure 2 mostly depend on two factors:

1) Whether you already support 3D Secure 1, and
2) The type of technical integration with Wirecard.

Further information on how to implement 3D Secure 2 will follow soon. We will notify you about the next steps in good time so that you have enough time and resources to integrate the new authentication solutions.

Wirecard Bank AG processes cardholders’ personal data for the purpose of payment processing as a Controller in the meaning of Art. 4 (7) GDPR. The merchant provides cardholders with information to be given by Wirecard according to Art. 13, 14 GDPR. The aforementioned information is available under https://www.wirecardbank.com/GDPR and should be added to the merchant’s terms and conditions or displayed in a suitable manner to the cardholders.

We strongly encourage you to support both 3D Secure 2 as well as 3D Secure 1 so as not to receive false declines from issuers that don’t support the new 3D Secure 2 protocol yet. To enable you to support both protocols with minimal effort, we have designed our APIs to be downward-compatible.

You can start using 3D Secure 2 immediately. The Wirecard Payment Gateway already supports it. Since we expect more and more issuers to support 3D Secure 2 over the coming months, we recommend that you switch to the new protocol as soon as possible.