What is SEPA?

The EU Regulation No. 260/2012 (SEPA Regulation) states that, as of 1 February 2014 all national procedures for direct debits and credit transfers in Euro-zone countries will no longer be valid.

Wirecard has taken an early start into making cash-free transactions through SEPA a possibility for its merchants and has developed an extensive portfolio of SEPA solutions.

SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) is a uniform Europe-wide space for euro payments. The SEPA procedure is characterised by the fact that all transactions are processed and handled according to the same standard, regardless of whether the payments are national or cross-border.


On the following pages you get more detailed information about SEPA and the deadlines.

SEPA Direct Debit

Payments in the Eurozone

SEPA Credit Transfer

Bank transfer

Wirecard Conversion Service

Interim solution for Germany and Austria


Timeline for the migration

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