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Checkout optimization to boost your sales even more

As a leading payment provider, we at Wirecard constantly strive to optimize all our products and services. Due to new PSD2 requirements and 3D Secure 2, which came into effect in September 2019, we are providing you with a convenient solution that meets the latest security standards: Wirecard Payment Page v2. We will also create new shop extensions to fit our adapted solution.

Our even faster and more convenient cutting-edge checkout solutions comply with the latest PSD2 and 3D Secure 2 requirements. You must switch to our updated solutions in order to continue processing online transactions. This update comes at no additional cost to you.

As part of this optimization, we will no longer offer support for the following solutions as of 30 September 2020:

  • Wirecard Checkout Page
  • Wirecard Checkout Seamless
  • Wirecard Checkout Enterprise, Toolkit
  • Wirecard Checkout Automated
  • Wirecard Checkout Terminal
  • Wirecard Payment Center

We strongly recommend that you switch now to continue processing your payments with the number one payment provider! Profit from faster load times, reduced data volume, greater design freedom, as well as many more additional features and new payment methods.

We know that the transition period can be difficult. That is why we promise to support you throughout the process. One way we want to help you migrate is by offering training courses. Due to the current situation, we will hold these online in a webinar format.

You can also join an online training course to gain valuable tips on how to migrate with ease from our current Payment Center to the Wirecard Enterprise Portal (WEP):

20 May 2020: WEP online in German
10:00–12:00 CEST

10 June 2020: WEP online training in German
10:00–12:00 CEST

17 June 2020: WEP online training in English
10:00–12:00 CEST

24 June 2020: WEP online in German
10:00–12:00 CEST

Discover our new solutions here:

Wirecard Checkout Page

Wirecard Payment Page v2

Wirecard Checkout Seamless

Wirecard Payment Page v2

Wirecard Checkout Enterprise, Toolkit


Wirecard Checkout Automated

Batch Processing API over SFTP upload

Wirecard Checkout Terminal

Wirecard Enterprise Portal (WEP)

Wirecard Payment Center

Wirecard Enterprise Portal (WEP)

Please note:
All merchants using the WCP/WCS Magento 1 Shop Extension must switch to Magento 2 by June 2020 in order to maintain security while handling payment card data. Any website still using Magento 1 after the deadline will fall out of PCI DSS compliance.

Wirecard Payment Page v2—the individual payment page for your shop

Enjoy plenty of design freedom, security, and optimal stability and performance. With Wirecard Payment Page v2, you’ll be guaranteed the latest technology and can therefore offer your customers an extremely secure and intuitive payment solution. It can be connected quickly and easily using integration via HPP (hosted payment page), EPP (embedded payment page), or SPP (seamless payment page). You’ll find more information in our technical documentation.

Your benefits when switching to the new Wirecard Payment Page v2:

  • Individual design in just a few minutes
  • Even faster to the checkout: load times improved by up to 74%
  • Minimal data volume: up to 72% less data traffic 
  • Consistent look and feel from start page to checkout
  • Responsive design and straightforward editing

Tip: You can easily customize the design with our Payment Page Designer, an intuitive web interface that enables you to configure your page exactly to your liking. You’ll find details of the new Payment Page Designer on our product website.

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Easy integration for many shop systems

With the easy-to-integrate extensions, you can provide many internationally accepted and locally required payment types quickly and simply. Extensions are available for the following shop systems: Magento 1, Magento 2, WooCommerce, PrestaShop, OpenCart, SAP Commerce, and Shopware.

Your benefits:

  • Free download of the extensions on GitHub
  • Simple installation and integration
  • Wide range of configuration options
  • Free support, even before the contract is signed
  • Open source software
  • Individual consulting if you want to develop the extensions further

More information

How to ensure a straightforward switch

Do you have any questions about the integration methods or the individual processes? Check out our most frequently asked questions:

Because new security requirements come into force in September 2019 associated with PSD2 (second Payment Services Directive of the EU) and the 3D Secure 2 protocol, Wirecard is using these changes as an opportunity to further optimize the overall checkout experience.

More information about 3D Secure 2 and PSD2 is available at:

3D Secure 2: https://www.wirecard.com/3d-secure-2/

Test credentials: 
You can find test credentials for each payment method in the corresponding payment method documentation. To find the credentials you are looking for, please follow the link: https://doc.wirecard.com/AppendixK.html 

Production credentials: 
If you are ready for a production switch, contact our support team and ask for your production credentials. Otherwise, our system will send the credentials to the registered email address for your account automatically.

How do I open the PDF file to find my credentials?
In order to open the PDF file with your credentials, simply enter the first eight characters of your secret key. Or, if you are a QTILL or Wirecard Checkout Enterprise customer, enter your basic authentication.

A basic authentication like this: 2g4f9q2m

If you don’t know your secret key or basic authentication, contact our support team.

Payment Page Designer credentials: What do I need to know?
If you intend to use the Payment Page Designer, you will require additional credentials. To receive these, contact our support team.

Building the full URL for implementation
The URL provided in the PDF is partially complete. For implementation, you will need to work out the second part of the URL. This is based on what you are implementing, the payment/transaction methods you are implementing for, and the URL endpoints.

Example URL
Let’s take PayPal as an example. First, take the relevant URL:
Elastic Engine URL: https://api.wirecard.com"
Wirecard Payment Page v2 URL: https://api.wirecard.com

Next, find PayPal in our documentation center to view the test credentials:

Add the URL endpoint of the test credentials that is relevant to the payment/transaction method:

Test credentials
Transaction type URL endpoints
Debit, authorization, authorization-only,
preauthorization, pending-credit, credit, order
Capture-authorization, refund-capture,
void-authorization, refund-debit

If you want to implement PayPal for transaction types such as debit, authorization, authorization-only, preauthorization, pending-credit, credit, or order, your URL will look like this:

If you want to implement PayPal for capture-authorization, refund-capture, void-authorization, or refund-debit, the URL may look like this: https://api-wdcee.wirecard.com/engine/rest/payments/

The secret key is always shown in the credentials.
If you are implementing REST API, you don't need to use it.

Channel Merchant account ID Secret key
3DS E0004dd2-4f60-4101-b03e-f8a25c3e8fe2 Af991f6b-5bd7-44c1-a13b-f8449885a483
MOTO Ff104aee-3654-4fe4-a223-ad46ec77f670 764ac3cb-818f-4167-9f65-dc82af2d1a0e
SSL/non3DS Bf1381f6-4add-4edf-8d65-1b65b1691627 Dbc67f9c-a547-40c6-ae12-b6afb3fd3ecc

The credentials are now integrated into the corresponding payment methods. Where you need to enter your credentials exactly depends on the solution you are implementing:

Wirecard Payment Page v2:

REST API: https://doc.wirecard.com/RestApi.html
Shop extensions: https://doc.wirecard.com/ShopSystems.html

You will find the most important links below to easily integrate all solutions. In addition to detailed documentation and code samples, you can also test the new solutions in our Demo Shop.

Wirecard Payment Page v2

Hosted Payment Page: https://doc.wirecard.com/PaymentPageSolutions.html#PaymentPageSolutions_PPv2_HPP
Embedded Payment Page: https://doc.wirecard.com/PaymentPageSolutions.html#PaymentPageSolutions_PPv2_EPP
Seamless integration: https://doc.wirecard.com/PaymentPageSolutions.html#PPv2_Seamless
Payment Page Designer: https://doc.wirecard.com/PaymentPageSolutions.html#PaymentPageSolutions_PPv2_PaymentPageDesigner
Demo Shop: https://doc.wirecard.com/PaymentPageSolutions.html#PPv2_DemoShopLink


Difference between old and new: https://guides.wirecard.com/switching_to_wirecard_payment_processing_gateway
Technical documentation: https://doc.wirecard.com/RestApi.html
Sample code: https://doc.wirecard.com/RestApi.html#RestApi_Samples
Simulations https://doc.wirecard.com/RestApi.html#RestApi_Simulations

Shop Extensions

Technical documentation: https://doc.wirecard.com/ShopSystems.html
Open source:
Magento 2: magento2.wirecard.com
OpenCart: opencart.wirecard.com
OXID eSales: oxid.wirecard.com
PrestaShop: prestashop.wirecard.com
Salesforce Commerce Cloud: salesforce.wirecard.com
SAP Commerce: sapcommerce.wirecard.com
Shopware: shopware.wirecard.com
WooCommerce: woocommerce.wirecard.com
Shopify: shopify.wirecard.com 



No, the payout process will not change. So you can make payments as usual.

If you are using APE/OSB recon files (apetransactions), you must switch to using recon files from the new platform (EngineAPTransactions).

Regardless of which files you use, we will inform you accordingly if a new location (path) to share reports / recon files is necessary.

These features are no longer available. After you make the switch, the new Payment Gateway requires every (transaction-based) fund transfer to be explicitly triggered. That means that every time cardholder funds are reserved (through various authorization transactions), the merchant must explicitly trigger a corresponding capture transaction in order to take the cardholder funds. A purchase-type transaction is a one-step process that conducts two transaction types at once: Authorization and capture. Purchase-type transactions immediately take funds from the cardholder account. 

You can find more details here:

You do not have to make any changes when switching over as your contract will automatically be migrated free of charge and with the same conditions.

You do not have to make any changes when switching over as your contract will automatically be migrated free of charge and with the same conditions.

If you have a technical partner (system integrator), this partner must be involved, because this partner will perform the required changes to your shop.

Other partners (resellers/referrers) are not involved. 

However, we have informed all partners, regardless of their role, about the upcoming change

Please contact our support team via these channels:

E-Mail: integration.support@wirecard.com
Tel: +49 (0)30 300 113 487

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We’re happy to support you before, during, and after the transfer to your new integration method. You can conveniently make an appointment with our support team by clicking on the following button:

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