Payment page

Create the perfect payment page for your online shop and a simple checkout solution for your customers.

Create the best e-commerce checkout design with Wirecard

Wirecard Payment Page

  • Payment processing for different payment methods
  • Easy, secure acceptance of payments in your online store
  • Maximum convenience for merchants and customers during the payment process
  • Numerous new features for even greater benefits compared to previous versions

Payment Page Designer

  • Absolutely individually adaptable visual design
  • Allows you to design the checkout page entirely according to your ideas
  • Responsive design adapts to mobile devices
  • Can be adapted to your own CI through CSS code and image upload

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More comfort for customers and merchants

Wirecard's Payment Page enables an absolutely individually configurable, smooth and secure checkout experience in your online shop.

Different Payment Methods

Offers a wide range of supported payment methods from the classic credit card to alternative payment options.

Fast Checkout

Up to 14x faster than previous checkout solutions.

Simple Set-up

Can be set up without any programming or hosting effort.

Easy Customizations

Combine all the advantages of a reliable payment solution with full control over design and presentation.

Strengthen trust in your brand: with the Payment Page Designer from Wirecard

Design your payment page in minutes

Create your own payment page to harmonize with your corporate design with just a few clicks. Simply upload fonts, logos, and background images and customize the page to your liking. Or else import custom CSS code.

Wirecard Designer

Create a seamless checkout process

The adjustments made by the Payment Page Designer also let you integrate the payment solution into your online shop so they visually harmonize. This strengthens your customers’ trust and sense of security, since they can complete the entire payment process on your site.

Responsive presentation with easy editing

The Wirecard Payment Page Designer enables you, as a merchant, to design a professional checkout solution very quickly with minimal technical expertise. A live preview gives you an impression of the responsive design you are creating.

Five tips for successfully designing a payment page

  • Keep the payment page simple and neat
    Don’t distract the customer with extra menus, etc. Instead, make it as easy as possible for them to make purchases, also regarding the amount of required payment information. With the Wirecard Payment Page, it’s up to you whether to require a credit card holder’s name or if the card number is sufficient.

  • Instill trust
    Designing the payment page to visually match your shop strengthens customers’ trust. Your customers enter sensitive data on the payment page and therefore want to know that they will be safe. This also means displaying the logos of the payment providers. Features such as an order overview on the payment page or integrated security procedures such as 3D Secure contribute to making customers feel secure.

  • Save your customers’ time
    Label the form fields clearly and legibly. This includes intuitive guidance on how to enter a credit card’s expiration date, for example. A green check mark or color highlighting clearly indicates that the customer has correctly completed a field.

  • Make the checkout process visually comprehensible
    Shopping cart, customer data, shipping method, payment method and confirmation: many checkout processes can be broken down in this way. Use numbering or a visual guide to show the customer how far they have progressed in the checkout process and how many steps remain.

  • Enable prefilled fields for registered customers
    Give your customers a practical reason why they should register in your shop with their email address and other data. For example, explain that they will then be able to place the next order with just a few clicks without having to complete the order form again. But you should also make it possible to order as a guest without registering.

This is how your payment page can look like

Paymentpage Mobeland
Paymentpage Petra Colins New York Beauty
Paymentpage Travel Dubai Air
Paymentpage Sunny Travel
Paymentpage Poker Online
Paymentpage Fashion
Paymentpage Nakatomi Sushi

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