Cookie categories and guidelines


Performance cookies collect information about how visitors use Wirecard's websites. This includes but is not limited to information regarding which pages visitors go to most often and if they get error messages from web pages. These cookies do not collect information that identifies a visitor. Any information collected by these cookies is anonymous. We only use such information to improve our website.


Functionality cookies allow Wirecard's websites to remember choices you make (such as your log in details) and customised preference settings (e.g. text size). Furthermore functionality cookies enable enhanced, more personal features, e.g. remembering which region you are in. These cookies are also used to provide services you have asked for such as watching a video, which is what we use them for on our website. Information collected by "functionality" cookies cannot track your browsing activity on other websites. Except as on our website the "functionality" cookies on our website only collect anonymous information.


These cookies collect information about your browsing habits to make advertising relevant to you and your interests. These cookies collect the in-formation about users as indicated at the specific cookie.

Cookies used on Wirecard's websites:


This cookie, also known as "adaptive images”, is used to collect the horizontal value of your screen resolution only. It provides access to these data in order to enhance user-friendliness. Furthermore this cookie enables us to provide pictures optimized to the size of each visitor's screen. By also enhancing the size of the file(s) shown on the homepage(s) you will have an improved and faster browsing experience.

  • Cookie Category: Functionality 
  • Saved Data: Horizontal Screen Resolution 
  • Term: 30 days 
  • Persistent/Session: Session




This cookie is especially useful for visitors browsing through our homepage(s) from Canada, Great Britain, Ireland, Jersey, Isle of Man, Gibraltar, Guernsey, British Virgin Islands, Virgin Islands, Costa Rica and the United States of America (US). Every visitor browsing through our homepages (especially or from one of these regions will be asked, if that visitor would like to be redirected to the respective regional Homepage. This function is performed by a script, the so-called "lightbox" (a pop-up on the website itself). The cookie redirect_denied enables us to cache the answer and read this information on your next visit. Hence, you do not have to answer the same question multiple times.

  • Cookie Category: Functionality 
  • Saved Data: Always “1” as a correlate for "true" if the user chooses not to be redirected to a local homepage; if the user chooses to be redirected, no information will be stored. 
  • Term: Session 
  • Persistent/Session: Session



We take informing our homepage's visitor's about the data collected from them seriously; thus we offer these detailed cookie guidelines for your further information. Using an easy perceivable and accessible information window we provide information about the use of cookies on our homepages. This window will be accessible until you have accepted our cookie guidelines. When accepting the cookie guidelines, this information will be saved by that cookie. By virtue of using a script we are testing whether or not you will perceive this window again when visiting our homepages subsequently.

  • Cookie Category: Functionality 
  • Term: 1 year 
  • Persistent/Session: Persistent



In case you will be directed to our website by a Google AdWords ad, we receive detailed information about you visiting our homepage. By virtue of the so called GET-parameter we receive this information which is linked to the address of the respective ad (URL). The GET-parameter can be spotted by the following pattern: “demo-seite.html?kampagne=demokampagne&suchwort=demosuchwort”. All data subsequently to the question mark is cached by virtue of this cookie. In case you are sending our contact form after clicking the respective Google AdWords ad, we read this information provided by the cookie and save both the information together in our “CRM" (customer relationship management software). This enhances our performance when processing your request as we are informed about the reason you have been directed to our homepages(s). Additionally your visit will be tagged by a time certificate (TIMESTAMP) in the cookie. In case you browse in our homepage(s) by virtue of the Google search engine, we are able to separate both visits due to the TIMESTAMP for statistical reasons. By evaluating this information we are able to enhance our visibility on the internet. This cookie does not read personal data.

  • Cookie Category: Targeting 
  • Saved Data: This cookie does not read personal data; utm_parameters (JSON encoded) 
  • Term: 1 month 
  • Persistent/Session: Persistent



PHPSESSID describes the so called Session-ID; it constitutes a random chosen key that is cached on your device. As soon as a user visits our homepage(s), this cookie is generating said key and will be stored on your device. This enables us to identify any user visiting our homepage(s) as a user in our system. The Session-ID enhances a user-friendly experience on our homepage(s). In some situations it is vital to cache information, for example the log-on details. Once you have successfully logged on, we save this status and information in your session. By virtue of your random generated access key (Session-ID) we are able to correctly allocate you in our system.

  • Cookie Category: Functionality
  • Saved Data: Identifies user data stored in a php -session. 
  • Term: Session 
  • Persistent/Session: Session


This cookie is utilized by our CMS (Content Management System). It generates a random access key to recognize users which are already logged on.

  • Cookie Category: Functionality 
  • Saved Data: Identifies user data stored in a session of our CMS (content management system) 
  • Term: Session 
  • Persistent/Session: Session



By visiting our homepage(s) users can also play YouTube movies, which are embedded on our homepage(s), e.g. In course of enabling us to have YouTube movies played on our homepage(s), YouTube places cookies; as we do not know in for what purpose and to what extent YouTube uses any data of our users. Thus we recommend all users to visit Google' privacy policy; to enhance user friendliness, a link to Google's policy is provided below.


YouTube is an internet platform; amongst other services YouTube provides the option to embed videos of its platform on your own homepage. The function to incorporate such a video on your own homepage is called "Embedding". By virtue of a so called "iFrame" the video is embedded on our homepage(s) and can be played. In order to offer this service, YouTube has to utilize this cookie. Without said cookie videos cannot be played.




This cookie supports us to better understand the general user's behaviour of our site's visitor's. We use this cookie in connection with Google AdWords to enhance the performance of our ad placement. As soon as any visitor reaches a target predefined by us, we retain this result for statistical reasons. This enables us to focus on using high quality ads. When browsing through our website you will perceive ads more relevant to your interests; hence, you will obtain the results matching your search criteria more quickly. Your data will be collected anonymously. Thus we are not capable to make a direct link to a certain person.



On only:

Certain cookies are only used on These cookies do have the following features:


In case you have been directed to our homepage(s) by virtue of a Google AdWords- or an affiliate ad (partner program) this cookie will save the time of the browsing activity by the visitor (TIMESTAMP). This enables us to allocate subsequent homepage visits to the original ad-click.

  • Cookie Category: Targeting 
  • Saved Data: Unix timestamp 
  • Term: 1 year 
  • Persistent/Session: Persistent




For our advertisements we are using various partner programs. Every ad is targeted with a string for recognition. When you click on one of our ads we save this string via the cx_referrer cookie. This enables us to differentiate between our partners and reimburse them accordingly.

  • Cookie Category: Targeting 
  • Saved Date: String "Affiliate" oder "Google" 
  • Term: 1 year 
  • Persistent/Session: Persistent




Wirecard Retail Services GmbH is participating in an affiliate marketing programme. In course of this cooperation the Wirecard Retail Services GmbH is utilizing the conversion cookie. This cookie is only activated and only maintains on your device if you fill out the respective form after you have clicked on a certain product ad by Wirecard Retail Services GmbH.

  • Cookie Category: Third-Party-Cookie 
  • Saved Data: This cookie does collect personal data, respectively the user's First name, Last name and the time stamp. This data supports us to evaluate if a user completed a purchase; this further allows us to provide a commission to the publisher that distributed this sale. 
  • Term: Session 
  • Persistent/Session: Session (this cookie is destroyed once the user leaves the "thank you page")
  • More information: For further information please visit:


The cookie preferences can be set and changed using your browser. For further information on controlling cookies please click here.