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Giving cruise ship passengers seamless payment options boosts the entire guest experience on board. A smart payment system enables you to communicate individual offers to your passengers before or during the cruise and thus better manage your own workload and processes.

Dare to try the cashless life

The future is cashless – are you ready for it? We invite out of the box thinkers to tell us what you think about the cashless future, or how will life in the cashless future look like! Show us how you get around your city with wearables and mobile phones or tells us what freedom and evolution of cashless means to you. We want to hear what you think and feel about cashless life. #GoCashless

Wirecard Easy Life

Live gigs create unforgettable memories for fans and artists alike. We accompanied singer-songwriter Lions Head for a day on his Golden Tour. In the video, we show how digital technologies are increasingly influencing our everyday life, whether it’s the way we live, shop, or interact with each other. #EasyLife

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Every two weeks, we present a new episode packed with fun and entertainment on topics that affect everyone’s daily lives including money, technology and digitalization. Enjoy! #CashlessCrew

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