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A seamless payment experience for travelers and a secure system for travel companies

Wirecard offers tailored payment systems for companies in the travel sector—on land, on water, and in the air. Our all-in-one payment solutions help you achieve your goals and enable your customers to enjoy a seamless travel and payment experience.

Expectations of travelers continue to rise
Travelers today demand a seamless experience from booking to payment and beyond. Regardless of the device, they expect a payment journey that enables payments using their preferred method and currency, with just a few clicks.

Companies must embrace change
Travel companies must ensure that payments are secure, both for their customers and for themselves. Reliable fraud protection is therefore crucial. Whether mobile, online, or at the POS, companies must focus on customers satisfaction and take advantage of additional sales opportunities before, during, and after the trip by offering value-added services such as loyalty programs.

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Digital payment processing for the travel industry

Digitalization is permeating the entire travel industry, from sales on flights or cruise ships, through booking with travel agents, to payment at charging stations for electric vehicles.

The technology is already there—you just have to use it!

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Airline Payments

Digitalization is putting airlines all over the world under immense pressure, because it brings both opportunities and risks.

Wirecard is your partner across all areas of airline payment. We help you provide an efficient, secure, and convenient process that meets your needs as well as those of your customers–at the time of payment and far beyond it. What’s more, we connect you with the industry’s most important booking systems and support all international sales channels used by airlines.

Download our white paper and find out how airlines meet increasing customer expectations with digitalization!

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E-Mobility Payments

Payment at charging stations can present hurdles in electric mobility and does more to discourage than encourage the adoption of electric vehicles.

Stand-alone solutions with different cards and registration requirements are the norm, but what drivers really want are standard payment options at electric vehicle charging points.

Wirecard offers a seamless electric vehicle payment solution that enables drivers to pay for recharging their battery easily and securely, meaning more customers and less effort for charging point operators.

Download our white paper and find out how to simplify the recharging process by providing seamless payment solutions.

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Ferry Payments

Struggling to stay on course—despite increasing demand

The ferry industry is plagued by an outdated image. Many people associate ferries with spartanly furnished vessels rather than with mini-cruises, which a number of ships already offer.

With a targeted digitalization strategy, ferry companies can react to customers’ increasing demands and reap benefits for themselves. 

Download our white paper and find out how Ferry Tourism can survive and Flourish in the age of Digital Transformation.

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Cruise Payments

Giving cruise ship passengers seamless payment options boosts the entire guest experience on board.

There are myriad possibilities, from check-in via app the night before boarding, to the use of wearables for payment and access control, to fast self-checkout without waiting. A smart payment system enables you to communicate individual offers to your passengers before or during the cruise and thus better manage your own workload and processes.

Download our white paper and find out more about digitalized payment processes for a seamless travel experience in the cruise sector.

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Discover with E-Mobility the smart way of traveling!


Payment solutions for the travel industry: all benefits at a glance

  • Seamless integration with existing systems
  • Provision of the payment method and currency requested by the customer
  • Low administration effort and better insights
  • Relevant information about customers, regardless of the sales channel
  • International employees with many years of experience in various areas of the travel sector

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