The platform for the future of POS

ConnectedPOS is an intelligent platform for bricks-and-mortar stores that taps into a wide range of data sources around the point of sale. With the aid of the platform, all relevant data from till systems, transaction processes, customer loyalty systems, or social media applications can be packaged and analysed according to need. Thus, for the first time, bricks-and-mortar stores receive access to analytical tools and marketing technology that until now was solely reserved for e-commerce.

In addition to providing access to this performance and marketing data, ConnectedPOS also provides merchants with the targeted integration of value-added services, such as mobile wallets, couponing and beacons. Through the processing and connection of real-time data, merchants now can accompany their customers at the point of sale across the entire customer journey with personalised and tailored value-added services. And thus, they can actively shape and strengthen customers’ shopping experience. Furthermore, new customers can be addressed in intelligent and personalised ways and the conversion rate can be increased.

What’s more, the intelligent platform also appeals to third-party application providers, such as app developers, due to its open architecture. Via a standardised interface, they have the opportunity to interact with POS systems and provide apps, analytical tools, customer loyalty systems and more value-added services right away.

Features & Benefits

  • POS Connector

    The Connector is a hardware device that is attached to the till system. Equipped with LAN, Wi-Fi, GSM, LTE and BLE technology, the Connector acts as a communications hub at the point of sale and enables the integration of data sources, hardware devices and applications. The Connector can be integrated through printer interfaces, ZVT and OPI, and it also works smoothly with older till systems, presenting an ideal opportunity to improve legacy systems through an upgrade.

  • Seamless integration

    The ConnectedPOS platform can be easily integrated into existing till systems and software environments. No exchange of pre-existing till systems is required. The ConnectedPOS platform consolidates data through a web interface and the POS Connector, which serves as a communications hub.

  • Analysis and monitoring

    The ConnectedPOS platform enables the dedicated analysis of revenue, location, goods and customers and thus allows conclusions to be drawn about the performance of product groups and customer behaviour. Merchants receive sound guidance for their point of sale and can generate valuable competitive advantage. ConnectedPOS introduces new analytical capabilities to bricks-and-mortar shops, thanks to the availability of tools that until now were solely used in e-commerce. 

  • App marketplace

    The ConnectedPOS platform enables the integration of numerous value-added services, such as mobile wallets and couponing functions. In addition, it presents an application marketplace where third-party providers can strategically position value-added services for the respective point of sale.

    By using the ConnectedPOS platform, third-party providers, such as app developers, obtain immediate access to merchants and end customers at the POS, and thus, they can increase their product reach. Via a standardised web interface and software development kits for mobile devices, app developers can immediately interact with POS systems and quickly and easily provide apps, analytical tools, customer loyalty systems, as well as other value-added services. The creation of an individual infrastructure is no longer necessary.

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