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Wirecard offers everything you need for cashless payment on a one-stop basis: payment systems, risk management and banking.

We develop individual solutions for customers in the retail, service and banking sectors. We therefore help ensure secure, transparent, efficient and international payment processing. Whether offline, online or mobile, any financial process can be outsourced to us, regardless of the company’s size. In addition to large scale commercial chains and medium-sized companies, we also cater to smaller organisations. Individual risk management enables us to guarantee maximum protection against payment default.

We are well acquainted with the business models and processes as well as country and currency-specific features of a vast range of e-Commerce industries worldwide. Wirecard develops a solution that is tailored to specific needs, fulfils the highest standards of security, is economical and can be integrated seamlessly. As Wirecard Bank, we offer a broad spectrum of credit card acceptance contracts, banking services and innovative prepaid products.

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Our solutions


Accept payments worldwide, securely, transparently and efficiently

Mobile payment

Enable cashless payment at every PoS

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Risk management

Reduce payment defaults; increase sales and profit


Innovative card technology

Integration & Testing Solutions

Solutions for testing and managing payment systems


Optimise customer dialogue and improve loyalty

Value-added services

Offering added value and strengthening customer loyalty

Data & Analytics

Features & benefits

  • Multi-Channel Payment Gateway

    The Multi-Channel Payment Gateway, which is linked to 200 international payment networks (banks, payment solutions, card networks) provides payment and acquiring acceptance via the Wirecard Bank and global banking partners, including the integrated risk and fraud management systems. In addition, for example, country-specific payment and debit systems as well as industry-specific access solutions such as BSP (Bank Settlement Plan) or the encryption of payment data during payment transfers (tokenization) are provided. In addition, Wirecard offers call centre services (24/7) with trained native speakers in 16 languages.

  • Payment acceptance/credit card acquiring

    Wirecard supports all sales channels with payment acceptance for credit cards and alternative payment solutions (multi-brand), technical transaction processing and settlement in several currencies, and it offers the corresponding POS terminal infrastructure as well as numerous other services. In addition to Principal Membership with Visa and MasterCard, there are also acquiring license agreements with JCB, American Express, Discover/Diners and UnionPay. Banking services such as forex management supplement outsourcing for financial processes.

  • Risk management solutions

    Wide-ranging tools are available for the use of risk management technology to minimize fraud scenarios and to prevent fraud (fraud/risk management). The Fraud Prevention Suite (FPS) uses rule-based decision-making logic (rule engine) and offers extensive reports, for example which proportion of transactions was rejected and why. In addition, FPS analyzes whether exclusively fraudulent transactions are rejected. Age verification, KYC identification (know your customer), analysis using device fingerprinting, hotlists and much more is included in the risk management strategies. An international network of service providers who have specialized in creditworthiness checks can also be included depending on the merchant’s business model.

  • Issuing solutions

    The offering for issuing solutions includes managing card accounts and processing card transactions (issuing processing) as well as issuing various card types, mostly Visa and MasterCard. The card number can be used in connection with a plastic card, virtually or in connection with a SIM card in mobile devices, or it can be used on a sticker or in the chip and magnetic strips on a plastic card for dual use (dual interface).

    Wirecard offers an SP-TSM Gateway (service provider-trusted service manager), which can be integrated into all major systems. In addition, Wirecard operates its own SP-TSM server. SP-TSM is used to provision card data in the form of secure elements in a mobile device, and includes, for example, card management, card personalization and PIN management.

  • Solutions for mobile payments

    The Wallet Solution is based on a (white-label) platform which makes it possible to manage credit balance accounts and provides technical support for customer legitimation processes (KYC), peer-to-peer money transfers and various top-up processes - and is compliant with national and regional regulations for the issue of Visa or MasterCard products. The platform has user interfaces for administrative functions (e.g., call center) and for consumers. These can access their wallet both via the Internet and also using their cellphone in the form of smartphone apps. The wallet solution supports peer-to-peer money transfers and also Internet payments, via the cellphone (in-app payment) and also in bricks-and-mortar retail via NFC and QR codes.

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