Accepting mobile card payments

The card reader for smartphones and tablets brings mobility and security to your business.

Until now, checkout systems have been associated with relatively high costs for merchants. However, mobile card payments via smartphone and tablet offer benefits for businesses of all sizes, representing a secure, cost-efficient alternative, as you can accept card payments via credit card and debit/Maestro card, as well as alternative payment methods such as Alipay.

The mobile card payment system consists of a mobile card reader and an additional free app. The card reader is connected to a smartphone or tablet, launched via the app, and can then be immediately used for mobile card payments. The hardware and software components are white label-compatible, can have a customised design and can be adapted to individual needs in terms of functionality, such as through supplementary applications.

You can use the mobile card payment system on the following devices:

  • iPhones and iPads running iOS
  • Smartphones and tablets running Android


Greater customer convenience thanks to the mobile card reader for debit and credit cards – including contactless

Combine the security of mobile payments with the convenience of cashless payment methods, and start offering your customers multiple forms of payment while shopping, including via credit card or debit/Maestro card, and contactless via NFC.

Mobile card payments from Wirecard: maximum convenience and security for your payment processing

Simple processing of mobile card payments

The mobile card reader from Wirecard is ready to use in a matter of seconds. You simply connect the smartphone or tablet to the mobile card reader. With an Internet connection and the corresponding app, the customer’s card can be swiped or inserted, as with conventional card terminals. The customer confirms their payment by entering a PIN or providing their signature on the touchscreen. The transaction is immediately processed and the customer receives an invoice by email or from the mobile printer at the location.

Maximum security for your transactions

The mobile card reader from Wirecard meets PCI requirements for secure payment transfer. All card details on the card reader are subject to end-to-end encryption. Risk management, including fraud protection, is also integrated. This ensures optimal protection for cardholders and merchants.

Web-based management area for mobile card payment system

To manage and evaluate transaction information relating to card payments via smartphone and tablet, merchants are given access to a user-friendly, Web-based merchant area. Here, they can check and evaluate transactions as they wish, print receipts and issue cancellations and refunds. They also have the option to set up voucher and loyalty campaigns.

Mobile card payment system from Wirecard

Benefits at a glance

  • Cashless payment at POS or mPOS
  • Available for smartphones and tablets – iOS and Android
  • Card acceptance for credit card and debit/Maestro card – including contactless
  • Simple integration into existing POS applications
  • Secure data and payment transfer
  • Web-based administration program
  • Supplementary call centre services


Mobile Kartenzahlung von Wirecard bietet Ihnen umfassende Serviceleistungen aus einer Hand und sind ideal für alle Branchen geeignet.

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