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Target Chinese buyers with WeChat Pay.

Offer the successful Chinese WeChat Pay app as an additional payment method

WeChat Pay is one of China‘s leading payment methods. Around 800 million users pay with it each month, and their number is growing steadily. At the same time, Europe is growing in importance as a destination for Chinese tourists. These are important reasons for you to offer WeChat Pay as an additional payment method in your physical and online shops. Doing so will win over Chinese customers and turbocharge your sales on a long-term basis.

Your Benefits:

  • More than 800 million shoppers actively use the WeChat Pay app
  • $115 billion turnover was generated by Chinese tourists (in 2017)
  • On average, each Chinese tourist spends US$3,000 per trip

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Integrate WeChat Pay—Chinese tourists’ favorite traveling companion

Tap new sales potential and enable Chinese tourists to pay conveniently with WeChat Pay. We offer a number of options for integrating WeChat Pay acceptance into your point of sale or e-commerce, all tailored to your business.

How does WeChat Pay work at the POS?

Choose one of our three different integration methods at your POS:

  • Integrate hardware with a handheld scanner and connector
  • „Scan WeChat Pay“ app
  • Integrate into your checkout system (using SDK and API)

Enable Chinese tourists to pay by QR code in just three easy steps:

  • Scan the customer’s QR code.
  • The customer confirms the payment.
  • The payment process is complete.
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How does WeChat Pay work in e-commerce?

Offer WeChat Pay as an additional payment method in your online shop:

  1. The QR code is generated automatically.
  2. The customer scans the QR code with their WeChat Pay app.
  3. Payment is confirmed by entering their PIN. Payment completed.
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Your benefits with Wirecard and WeChat Pay

Profit from a global partner, who can accommodate your special wishes. You’ll get numerous benefits:

Simple payment handling

Everything is processed by us: So you don’t need to open an additional bank account in China.

Low costs

No setup costs, no monthly fees: It’s cheaper for your Chinese customers to pay with WeChat Pay than pay by card.

Quick integration

It doesn’t matter which checkout system you’re using, we can integrate WeChat Pay simply and easily.

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