Shop Extensions

Integrate the most important shop systems into your online shop.

Intuitive and secure shop extensions to raise your conversion rate

It is becoming more and more decisive for merchants to offer appropriate ordering and, especially, payment methods. While consumers value intuitive, secure payment, what matters most to retailers is easy integration of the payment page and transparent settlement.

Wirecard offers you easy-to-integrate shop payment systems with a large choice of payment methods. Modular shop extensions for all known e-commerce systems make it simple for you to enhance your webshop with global and local payment options. They can also be supplemented with tried-and-true solutions for thwarting fraud attempts.

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All in one: optimal payment mix, easy integration, increased sales

Your benefits:

  • Free download of the shop extensions on GitHub
  • Simple installation and a wide range of configuration options
  • Constant updating of the shop extensions by our developer team
  • Open-source software that can be checked and changed by every developer
  • Advice and support for your own efforts to enhance and modify shop extensions

Payment systems on the Internet: integration in three steps

Using our extensions, you can install Wirecard payment solutions quickly and easily in your shop system, and then test them free-of-charge and order them, if you wish.

Step 1:
Click on the ‘GitHub’ button and follow the instructions to install the extension in just a few steps in your shop system. Then activate the payment options that you’d like to offer your customers in your shop.

Step 2:
Now you can immediately test all the functions of your new payment systems and perform your first test transactions. All the payment methods are already preconfigured for this. Try everything out and, if you need to, ask our support staff for help or more information. They’re also available in live chat. Important: the first two steps cost you nothing.

Step 3:
Now sign up via a link that’s displayed in the extension configuration. After concluding the contract, we’ll activate your selected payment options. Enter the access data we sent you, and then you’re good to go.

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