Payout cards

Use our prepaid cards for making payments to people in markets around the world.

Our prepaid products for your payment needs

Use our Payout cards to make payments, ranging from payroll to incentives and benefit from:

  • Immediate payment delivery to beneficiaries
  • Operational and financial efficiencies
  • Positive brand extension
  • Dedicated management portal
  • No bank account needed for you or the cardholders

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Wirecard Incentive Card

The prepaid card that empowers your business to engage and motivate sales forces and customers.

Our Sales Incentive Card will increase your sales force performance by providing positive brand association and instant payment ability.

Differentiate your company from your competitors with our Consumer Incentive Card, which not only delivers and increase campaign performance but also can drive customer loyalty and repeat purchases with positive brand association.

Wirecard Corporate Card

The prepaid card that offers secure and controlled administration of the business expenses.

With the Corporate Card, your employees can make business payments – such as for travel, equipment or materials - without paying out of pocket or facing lengthy reimbursement processes.

With our administrative tools, you will have the full control and transparency of your corporate expenses.

Wirecard Passenger Compensation Card

The prepaid card that enables you to make instant payments to inconvenienced passengers.

Our Passenger Compensation Card provides not only a more secure and cost effective way to compensate your customers, it also enables you to immediately disburse funds to passengers.

For your customers the card offers instant access to the funds wherever Mastercard® or Visa are accepted worldwide.

Wirecard Employee Benefit Card

The prepaid card for tax-free rewards to employees.

With our prepaid cards, employees can receive tax-free, non-cash benefits, which they can spend anywhere Mastercard or Visa are accepted. You company will not only benefit from reduced costs of paying the bonus, but also from increased staff loyalty and retention.

It is more flexible than vouchers and other traditional payment methods that are only accepted at a limited number of merchants.

Wirecard Payroll Card

Make paying salaries easier, faster and more cost-efficient than ever before – with the Wirecard Payroll Card.

With this prepaid card, you can process salary payments quickly, securely and, above all, cost-efficiently. You can conveniently order the payroll card in any number, manage and top up online with individual amounts whenever you wish.

Your employees receive their salaries in real time and can make payments securely wherever Mastercard or Visa are accepted. They can also withdraw cash from all bank machines bearing the Mastercard or Visa logo.


Simplified Management

All cards are easy to manage through our secure portals. This ensures streamlined processes, reduced costs and high level of transparency.


The design of the cards and packaging can be customized based on your corporate identity.

Customer Service

Cardholders can either self-serve online or through mobile app, or can call us direct via our experienced, multi-lingual service agents.

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