Google Pay

Worldwide payment with Android smartphones.

Maximum security for contactless payment by smartphone

Google Pay (formerly Android Pay) protects your customers‘ payment data with multiple layers of security to help keep their accounts safe. Payment details remain securely stored in a personal Google account and are never divulged to you as a retailer, not even when a transaction takes place. And if a smartphone is lost, all of the data on it can be remotely deleted.

Each payment must be authenticated by a unique fingerprint to confirm the user’s identity and prevent unauthorized payments. Sums of up to 25 euros can be paid contactlessly without having to enter a PIN or confirm the payment. Customer and loyalty cards can also be stored in the app to let your customers continue taking advantage of attractive discounts and redeem loyalty points.

Wirecard lets merchants take advantage of fast, cashless payments for products and services via a mobile device with Google Pay. The Google payment service transforms your customers’ smartphones into contactless virtual credit cards.

Give your customers a better way to pay with mobile devices: Google Pay gives your customers a faster, more convenient way to pay on websites, via apps, in online shops, or in physical stores, thus also making it easier for you to do business. The only requirement your customers have to meet is the simple step of saving their debit or credit card details in a mobile payment app. They can then immediately start paying without cash, provided that their phone is equipped with an NFC chip and the POS terminal supports the EMV® Contactless payment standard.

The benefits of Google Pay at a glance

Google Pay can be installed on any smartphone running the Android operating system. In order for you as a merchant to accept transactions with it, you only need the Google Pay API or an NFC-enabled POS terminal. All major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, etc. are supported.


Quick and easy checkout for a seamless shopping experience.


Multiple security levels optimally safeguard payment data and protect customers’ payment info to help keep their accounts safe.


Easy to integrate within a week and accepted worldwide by everything from online shops to roadside kiosks.


Tap into a network that includes hundreds of millions of Google users and cards on file.

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