Apple Pay

Fast, cashless payment with Apple — mobile and at the point of sale.

Contactless payment with Apple devices

Apple Pay benefits your customers in a host of ways. Stored data aren’t visible at any time during a transaction. So you as a merchant don’t have to worry about managing and securing sensitive payment information. Each transaction is protected by two-factor authentication involving a dynamic security code and a device-specific Device Account Number.

The Device Account Number is transmitted to your system together with the dynamic code instead of the security code that is usually required for credit card payments (CVC). There‘s no need for the user to open the app or unlock the device to make contactless, cashless payments. And users can conveniently confirm mobile transactions via Touch ID, Face ID, or a passcode; it isn’t necessary to enter any billing details.

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Wirecard lets retailers easily and securely accept Apply Pay via a mobile device.

Apple Pay is an easy way for your customers to pay with an Apple device such as an iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch. To start using one or more devices for convenient cashless payment, they only need to store their physical credit or debit card details in Apple Wallet. From then on, whenever paying via a mobile app, in an online shop or in a brick-and-mortar store (POS), they only need to confirm each transaction via Touch ID.

All Benefits of Apple Pay at a Glance

It takes only a few simple steps to set up Apple Pay and begin using a mobile Apple device for contactless payment. As an added plus, your customers can continue participating in all bonus and reward programs of their credit and debit card providers. Besides Visa and Mastercard, Apple Pay also supports American Express and China UnionPay.


Make transactions without entering data


Every payment is encrypted


A unique, randomly generated token is assigned to each transaction


A seamless shopping experience —online and in stores

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