Accept Alipay and win Chinese customers.

Step up your sales with China’s number one payment solution: Alipay barcode payment

As Chinese tourism expands, it‘s opening up fresh opportunities for you to boost your sales. And Wirecard makes it easy for you to accept Alipay, one of the most popular payment platforms in China. Grow your sales revenues by letting Chinese tourists use their preferred payment mode in your physical and online shops!

Your benefits:

  • In 2016, Chinese tourists used the Alipay app to make purchases for 37.5 billion euros
  • More than 520 million Chinese use this app
  • Simply conclude a contract with Wirecard―there’s no need to open an account in China
  • Fast generation of documents for customers to claim VAT refunds
  • The Alipay app doubles as a marketing channel, also including a store finder

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Integrate Alipay―for more sales at the POS and online

POS integration
The convenient Wirecard merchant app for smartphones and tablet computers lets you easily accept Alipay payments. Alternatively, you can integrate this payment method in your store’s cash register using an SDK or a hardware connector.

Integration of e-commerce
Offer your customers the attractive alternative of paying via Alipay in your online shop! Wirecard lets you optimally merge your offline and online businesses by conveniently handling all payments made worldwide by Chinese customers via our payment platform.

One payment platform, many features

VAT refunds

With the Wirecard POS integration of Alipay, you can automatically generate documents for your customers to get VAT refunds. They then only need to add their signature and submit them to the customs office at the airport: a valuable service that costs you nothing extra.

Collecting services

Wirecard Bank completely manages your cash flows. There’s no need to open an account in China. Multiple Alipay payments are collected and deposited into your account together. When your Chinese customers use Alipay, your fees are less than with card payments.


You can conveniently view all transactions via all sales channels online in the Wirecard Enterprise Portal. It’s also easy to export collected data, and you can take advantage of extensive functionality for generating reports and analyzing data.

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