3D Secure™

The security standard from Visa and Mastercard.

What does 3D Secure mean?

3D Secure is a security standard developed by Visa and also used by other credit card providers. Visa calls the standard ‘Verified by Visa,’ while Mastercard calls it ‘SecureCode,’ and American Express uses the term ‘SafeKey.’ The aim is to make card payments on the Internet more secure.

With 3D Secure, cardholders authenticate themselves using a method defined when they sign up (password, SMS token, and so on) that only they and the bank know. For merchants, this security standard has the advantage that, if chargebacks occur despite the use of 3D Secure, liability for damages shifts to the issuing bank.

3D Secure 2 has been announced as the standard’s successor and offers further means of cardholder authentication.

3 D Securetm

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