Posted on 11/15/2013 at 08:23

Wirecard presents the latest solution for mobile couponing and loyalty

Wirecard presents the latest solution for mobile couponing and loyalty ©Wirecard

Wirecard AG's latest solution in the field of mobile couponing and loyalty, which the company presented at the Mobile Money Global summit in Dubai at the beginning of November 2013, is now available.

With its couponing and loyalty system integrated into its issuing platform, Wirecard makes it possible to directly link coupons and customer loyalty programmes on mobile devices to card transactions. Here is how it works: customers pay with their card or mobile phone using NFC technology, redeem a voucher and immediately receive their bonus points in just one step (single tap). Wirecard is now offering the couponing and loyalty system as a supplementary service to the white label issuing programmes and smartphone applications for mobile payment.

"Our new couponing and loyalty system is a true reflection of the strengths of Wirecard as a leading company in the field of payment processing, especially in the mobile segment," explains Jörn Leogrande, Executive Vice President Mobile Services at Wirecard. "We are augmenting transactions with information on the range of couponing and loyalty services available and are therefore generating appealing added value for consumers and retailers as well as issuing partners. At the same time, Wirecard is entering an extremely fascinating aftermarket in mobile services with its couponing and loyalty solution."

With the rapid increase in the number of mobile devices, vouchers and customer loyalty programmes are therefore also becoming increasingly mobile. Wirecard allows retailers and issuing partners, such as mobile service providers, to realise targeted, tailored marketing campaigns in connection with card programmes via mobile payment apps. The flexible design of discount promotions, bonus programmes and multi-channel campaigns offers unlimited options for establishing and strengthening customer loyalty, attracting new customers and interacting with them. The overall technical process, as well as payment of credit and bonus points, is fully automated and occurs in real time, in parallel with the payment process. This creates an entirely new payment experience. It is not necessary for retailers to conduct special checkout integration and training of personnel.

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