Posted on 01/10/2018 at 08:00

Wirecard partners with US on-demand job platform Moonrise for instant payments

Wirecard partners with US on-demand job platform Moonrise for instant payments

Moonrise is a startup by American Family Insurance; Partnership is making money management faster and simpler for US workers

Wirecard, one of the leading providers of digital financial technology, today announces its partnership with Moonrise, a US gig-economy startup by American Family Insurance, to offer free and instant payment options for workers. 

Moonrise connects individuals with shift work in administration, hospitality, and other services to supplement their income. Wirecard will issue payments cards enabling workers to access the money they have earned within 24 hours of completing an assignment. Thereby, the partnership will ensure same-day payment without charging fees to workers. Loyalty rewards and other value-add features will be built into the program as the company grows. 

Deirdre Ives, Wirecard’s North America Managing Director, says: “With digital payments at the core of our business and the rapidly evolving gig-economy, we are thrilled to help the growing market need for faster, more easily accessible pay. Having access to same-day payment options gives individuals greater control over their finances and generally more autonomy day to day. Partnering with Moonrise to offer this service aligns perfectly with our core values of increasing speed and efficiency through innovative technologies and payments systems.”

Kara Kaplan, Moonrise’s co-founder and CEO, adds: “For employers, tapping into a reliable on-demand workforce can be game changing. For workers, the ability to accept a shift here or there can be the factor that enables them to take control of their finances. Wirecard has been one of our best partnerships. It was easy to implement the program because they understood what we were trying to do, and we felt right away that our mission was resonating with them.”

Moonrise, a wholly owned subsidiary of American Family Insurance – the $23 billion Wisconsin-based insurance business – was formed when American Family’s innovation team set out to better understand a subset of their policyholders who want to manage their finances as easy and fast as possible. American Family wanted to discover how the company could leverage its customers, partner relationships and capital – with this in mind, Moonrise brokers with employers and pushes their available gigs via text messages to vetted workers who match the gig’s qualifications. 

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