Posted on 02/28/2013 at 17:27

ITB 2013: Wirecard presents Mobile Card Reader for the tourism industry

ITB 2013: Wirecard presents Mobile Card Reader for the tourism industry ©Wirecard

Rapid access to market thanks to mobile card acceptance at PoS / Can be individually matched to any corporate design

Wirecard AG will present its new Card Reader for mobile card payments using smartphones at the point-of-sale at the international tourism trade fair ITB. The smart solution is suitable, for example, for distribution partner as travel agents or managers, chauffeurs and taxis service providers, as well as cruise operators, bus and train travel, who offer on-board sales.

For payments, the smartphone add-on is placed over the mobile device of the suppliersuch as the smartphone or tablet PC. The card data is encrypted for payment transactions, and thus guarantees maximum security for payment transfers. Customers confirm the debit by signing the touchscreen or entering their PIN.

Wirecard’s Mobile Card Reader program comprises various card reading devices for magnetic strips as well as EMV standard, the associated card acceptance contracts for the SEPA region and a mobile wallet app. All of the components can be individually matched to the sales partner’s corporate design. Thanks to open development interfaces, it is possible to integrate the reader into legacy systems.

“Companies do not need any additional terminal hardware for the Card Reader, because this is based on the existing infrastructure of mobile terminals, such as smartphones or tablets - that makes the system highly flexible and simple to use,” commented Jörg Möller, Managing Director with Wirecard Technologies, and added: “In distant countries a card reader is very practical. Consumers do not have to exchange any currency - they can pay directly using their normal credit card and the payment recipient receives immediate confirmation that the payment has been received.”

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