Posted on 02/13/2012 at 12:12

ITB 2012: Wirecard presents tokenization server

ITB 2012: Wirecard presents tokenization server ©

Data safe replaces storage of sensitive card data in booking systems / End-to-end integration in company systems increases security

Wirecard AG, one of the world’s leading companies for payment processing, is presenting its new solution for the tourism industry at this year’s ITB. “Tokenization” is a method which replaces sensitive data such as credit card numbers with a so-called token. A token can be used by systems and applications with no restrictions, while the original data are stored in a secure, PCI-conform data safe.

The advantages for companies in the tourist sector are clear to see: The costs and effort involved in data-conform audits in line with the PCI DSS requirements are cut substantially. End-to-end integration in the company’s software ensures that data stored locally are only available as a token, unauthorized access to sensitive card data is thus impossible. This not only significantly reduces the risk of credit card fraud, but also ensures brand protection.

Jörg Möller, Executive VP Travel & Transportation at Wirecard AG added: “In the tourism industry, the subject of data protection is a major challenge, for travel operators in particular. Our new solution increases the security but not complexity of payment processing. This protects both providers and consumers. Tokens can be used for all payment transactions.

Wirecard AG’s tokenization modules can also be freely configured. As a result, alphanumerical sequences can be set up, which correspond exactly to a credit card’s data format. Existing systems do not have to be adjusted.

Visit us at the ITB in Berlin, Hall 6.1, booth 139.

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