Posted on 08/16/2012 at 15:03

Credit card payment made easy: online merchants benefit from the Wirecard-pixi* App

Credit card payment made easy: online merchants benefit from the Wirecard-pixi* App ©

In future, shop operators who use the pixi* mail order software from Munich-based mad geniuses GmbH, will be able to offer their customers credit card payments in a large number of currencies:

This is made possible thanks to the new Wirecard-pixi* app via an interface to Wirecard AG’s payment platform. The Munich-based payments specialist also ensures the requisite credit card acceptance (acquiring).

pixi* is end-to-end software for online mail order, which unites all processes in a closed process chain. The mail order software controls the entire logistics process behind the online shop - from goods in through to shipment. Online merchants are offered a solution geared to the requirements of eCommerce, as the far-reaching automation spanning all divisions and almost infinite scalability minimize manual effort and, at the same time, increase shipment speed. The product “pixi* Apps”, a free development framework newly developed by mad geniuses, allows new functionalities, such as the Wirecard-pixi* App to be attached quickly, without having to change the core of the merchandise planning.

Dirk Haschke, mad geniuses GmbH’s Managing Director, noted: “We want to offer our merchants the best quality service 24/7. Thanks to the new Wirecard-pixi* App, which customers can book via our Appstore, we enable shop operators that use Wirecard as a credit card payment services provider particularly simple integration for their payment process.”

How the Wirecard-pixi* App works: Shop operators who already have the pixi* merchandise planning system, can activate the payment application via the pixi* Appstore and include “credit card” as a payment type in their online store. In addition, it is particularly easy to process credit notes, returns and cancellations using the Wirecard App. Full or partial charges to the customer’s credit card and the opportunity for transparent accounting management for several online shops round off the offering.

“Linking merchandise management with our payment processing saves merchants time, because it makes it even easier for them to control their internal processes. Cancellations and returns are synchronized with the system and processed automatically. Manual bookings are a thing of the past,” commented Christian Reindl, Executive Vice President Sales Consumer Goods with Wirecard AG.

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