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Annual results 2011

Annual results 2011 ©

Wirecard AG is a technology and services company enjoying dynamic growth, and it can look back on a highly successful fiscal year in 2011.

- Consolidated revenues up almost 20 percent
- Double-digit EBITDA increase to EUR 84.4 million
- Earnings per share: EUR 0.60
- Proposed dividend of EUR 0.10
- EBITDA guidance for 2012 confirmed

Consolidated revenues increased during the fiscal year by 19.6 percent to EUR 324.8 million. EBITDA lifted to EUR 84.4 million (up 15.1 percent). Without the extraordinary expenses incurred in the first six months of 2011, EBITDA would even have increased by 22.2 percent to EUR 89.6 million. Earnings per share improved by 13.2 percent to EUR 0.60.

The transaction volume in the company’s core business, which spans electronic payment processing, card acceptance and risk management, was up year-on-year by 23 percent. In 2011, a volume of EUR 15.5 billion was processed via the Wirecard platform.

The company was able to achieve the targets it had set itself in the period under review, and to drive technological developments forward or bring them to a close. It expanded the number of new customers as planned. More than 13,000 business customers now rely on Wirecard AG’s solution portfolio.

Dr. Markus Braun, Wirecard AG’s CEO commented: “The current fiscal year is characterized by dynamic developments for eCommerce. Based on forecasts by various market research institutes, we are expecting the European eCommerce market to grow by around 11 percent.” He went on to add: “I am convinced that we are only at the start of sustained market growth in Europe. Over the coming two years, we will also benefit from our constant internationalization and expansion in the Asian region.”

A further key issue this year will be expanding the European prepaid card business. Over the past few years, Wirecard AG has built up experience and competence thanks to its prepaid card platform, and this is also a key factor when processing new, mobile payment solutions.

In view of the opportunities described above, we are sticking with our strategy of organic growth on our target markets of Europe and Asia. In view of the current increased pace of consolidation in our competitive environment, we recently performed a capital increase to allow us to be able to react flexibly if attractive acquisition opportunities present themselves.

Wirecard AG’s Management Board confirms the forecast made at January 2012, including general economic risks, to reach EBITDA of between EUR 103 and 115 million in fiscal 2012.

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