UK: consumers demand for biometric security

April 2017
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56% of people online would prefer to use a biometric security method to traditional options like passwords to log into their financial accounts online, according to Equifax.

The survey results revealed that 33% of users would prefer to use fingerprint recognition as a security method to access their accounts. A further 13% would like to use iris scanners, 7% facial recognition, and 3% voice recognition. 

When it comes to passwords, only 19% of people cited them as their favoured security method and just 13% selected memorable questions, indicating that users are suffering from password fatigue and want the convenience that biometrics can offer.

Nevertheless, the research’s results also shows that the technology available to consumers does not reflect their preferences. Nearly two thirds of respondents with a bank account (64%) are currently unable to use fingerprint recognition to manage their finances, and 68% are unable to use voice recognition.