The Paypers launches the Online Payments Market Guide 2015

November 2015
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An all-in-one reference guide on payments and ecommerce industry trends

The Paypers has the pleasure to announce the launch of the latest edition of the Online Payments Market Guide, a comprehensive overview of the online payments ecosystem, mapping out ongoing developments, emerging trends and evolving business models.

In order to grasp the complexities of the changing business landscape, the 2015 edition features a 2-part structure. Part 1 is dedicated to thought leadership contributions and initiatives in the field of online financial services, featuring various contextual approaches for online transactions at a global or regional level, as presented by key industry players, either in the form of an exclusive interview or an elaborate article.

Cross-border ecommerce, omnichannel payments and innovations, as well as the regulatory landscape in Europe and North America and globalising merchant strategies are among the main topics to be addressed by these industry players. Relevant in this respect are Neira Jones' opinion on regulation and innovation within EU or CMS' approach on the regulatory context in the US.

Additionally, notable perspectives around the crucial aspects on how to start and manage a business are offered not only by arvato in their interview, but also by many other contributions present in this guide like IMRG, Ecommerce Europe and Alibaba. AIG, hellofood and Jumia render a general overview of the actual state of affairs and fundamental principles around which ecommerce coagulates, such as investments in logistics, building trust and diversifying mobile payment options.

In Europe, PSD2 has drawn a lot of attention as it aims to redefine European cross-border business and make the EU a common market by eliminating differences and stressing the similarities. FleishmanHillard`s point of view is notable in this framework, as it objectively renders the EU regulatory initiatives to building a common trade market.

Asia, with precedence on China, and North America, with precedence on the US, have become competing regional hubs for the ecommerce industry, which is captured by The Paypers' own contribution in reflecting the fierce battle for global ecommerce dominance between Amazon and Alibaba. Africa and South America, on the other hand, struggle to catch up with the more developed regions in order to turn into promising business growth hubs and gain access to the booming global enterprise.

Finally, business growth is only sustainable in a secure environment, and contributions like MRC, NoirePay and Russian Electronic Money Association highlight the necessary steps which merchants, PSPs and other payment industry players should take into account, regardless of business case, market or future developmental plans.
Part 2 presents in-depth company profiles mapping out key players in the global online payments space, including processors, acquirers and alternative payment methods.

Furthermore, companies will also be featured in our comprehensive PSP and Alternative Payment Methods database which includes almost 500 players globally, allowing readers unprecedented access to global industry players.

Get a compelling and comprehensive insight into the dynamic and competitive global online payments and ecommerce market by downloading your free copy of the Online Payments Market Guide here. And while you are there, make sure to check out our complementary online company database, complete with advanced search functionality for easy access to up-to-date information on the companies of your choice.