Saudi Arabia to become the largest Middle East ecommerce market

March 2018
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Online retail sales in Saudi Arabia are forecasted to surpass the UAE by 2020, according to a report from yStats.

Factors favourable to the growth of B2C ecommerce are the advanced infrastructure, the high connectivity rates and the youth-oriented demographic.

The widespread use of smartphones is one of the trends facilitating B2C ecommerce growth. About nine out of ten adults own a smartphone and most owners use the device to go online.

Most online shoppers have made a mobile purchase. Smartphone owners also can expedite delivery of ordered products by providing geographic coordinates to delivery services via mobile.

Social media and cross-border shopping are also propelling B2C ecommerce. The web pages of Twitter, Instagram and Facebook are among the top 10 most visited websites in Saudi Arabia, a fact that online retailers use to promote sales.

The high proportion of Saudi Arabian shoppers that shop outside the Kingdom makes, and among the top ecommerce sites visited by Internet users.