LinkedIn influences highest average order value for ecommerce purchases - report

February 2016
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According to a recent report, LinkedIn has influenced the highest average order values for ecommerce purchases out of all the social media channels.

LinkedIn-influenced orders on its network had an average value of USD 206.95 worldwide, according to a report issued by the social sharing platform AddShoppers, reports. This may be because LinkedIn’s users are likely to be more affluent.

Orders influenced by StumbleUpon, a discovery engine, had an average value of USD 177.56. Shopping website and list-making service Kaboodle influenced the third-largest orders, at an average of USD 166.17. Facebook and Twitter also influenced big orders, averaging USD 164.76 and USD 162.52, respectively.

The visual discovery tool Pinterest was lower on the list, influencing an average order value of USD 133.86. Polyvore, a community-powered social commerce website, influenced a higher average purchase size.