Financial inclusion for the masses, key benefit and priority - report

January 2017
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new report provides in-depth analysis of the impact of current and emerging new technologies on the wider telecom ecosystem.

As per the survey, IoT holds tremendous potential. 75% of respondents consider that IoT will drive growth for the internet space in the future. For 32 % of respondents, smart city deployment could emerge as the biggest usage case for 5G, enabling cities around the world to connect to various types of infrastructure and amenities.

Customer Experience Management will form an integral part of this strategy too, as identified in the survey. There is also a strong likelihood that operators will start to invest, or step up their interests in solutions that monitor how people are dealing with an ongoing transformation. 63 % of respondents expected to invest in proactive customer experience, due to the rise of predictive, descriptive and prescriptive analytics.

More than that, according to the survey, there is no clear winner in the mobile payments space. A number of segments have emerged in the field, and while technology continues to evolve, financial inclusion for the masses must remain the key benefit and priority.

The reports say that considering the huge scale, and additional benefits, mobile services can provide, mobile broadband needs to be made more affordable to truly achieve global scale and mass adoption.

The research for the “Business of Tomorrows” survey report was conducted by Mahindra Comviva and Mobile World Live. Operators across various segments, including the overall industry landscape, mobile payments, 5G, content, customer analytics and mobile broadband were surveyed.