Europeans open to federated identity and biometrics

May 2018
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A research released by Unisys has revealed that Europeans are open to federated identification and 51% of consumers would share biometric data to improve their online security.

Surveying more than 3,500 Europeans across seven countries in Europe, Unisys asked consumers their opinions on federated identity, biometric authentication for access to their online accounts and attitudes on sharing personal data.

When questioned on the perceived benefits of sharing their biometric data with a federated identity program, 51% cited increased security on their accounts; 41% highlighted "single sign-on" access to multiple accounts, such as those for government, banking and social media; 33% said speedier access to government and banking services; and 28% identified reduced cost.

The survey shows that European citizens have an appetite for federated identity but many would need assurances before signing up and sharing their personal data – 59% of respondents said they would demand that organizations explain the security measures they would use to protect their biometric data before sharing it. However, others were more relaxed, with 35% saying they would support federated identity if it was backed by companies with which they already have online accounts. And 29% say they would share biometric data if their peers signed up to do so.